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Was I in upside-down world?

Posted in iphone, wii on August 2, 2008 by poojaland

In the late afternoon today, I set out on foot to run some errands. First up was my doctor’s office to pick up some prescription refills. Being that it was late afternoon on a Friday, I figured it’d be super busy at the pharmacy, so I packed a book in order to avoid dealing with out-of-date, grimy magazines (the book was “The End of Faith,” which I’ve been reading sporadically for at least a year. It’s got WAY too many endnotes, and is a little too high-brow for my tastes; I’d recommend “The God Delusion” over “TEOF” if you’re looking for something in that genre). Once I got to the pharmacy, though, there were only a handful of people. I took a number — it was number 94. I looked up, and they were on number 93! So I had to sit for a grand total of about one minute before I was called up to the window.

Then I headed on down the street to the mall. One of my stops was an official AT&T store. Usually, you only need to be within shouting distance of a cell-phone store or booth before you’ve got someone coming up to you to “help,” but this time, I actually had to wait several minutes. And this was after I wasted about 10 minutes by slowly walking around the store and pretending to examine each phone. Yeesh! And it wasn’t that they were overstaffed — in fact, I think they had at least eight employees in there — they were just really busy. Anyway, once I finally got some help, the employee confirmed what I’d feared: I’m not eligible to upgrade my phone until mid-September. I know I mentioned a couple posts back that I was obsessed with getting either a Wii or an iPod Touch, but now the Touch obsession has been replaced with an iPhone obsession. This is mainly because the idea of having an all-in-one device (phone + mp3 player) is really appealing, not to mention the idea of being able to access the Web and e-mail while I’m on walks or the bus, or waiting at a bus stop (I’m doing a lot more of all three now). Plus, a co-worker gave my officemate and me a little demo of his iPhone and it just looks like so much fun.

So unfortunately, I’m now forced to engage in one of my dad’s favorite situations: “delayed gratification.” Yay. I guess the silver lining is that as I also mentioned in a previous post, mid-September is bonus time at work. So maybe I’ll get a Wii sooner to satisfy one obsession, and the iPhone later for the other! I’ve obviously been without a new toy for a little too long..

I can be your (Guitar) Hero, baby

Posted in ipod, wii on July 20, 2008 by poojaland

So I finally played Nintendo Wii for the first time on Friday night, and now I’m completely obsessed with the idea of getting a console. The scene was my friends L&I’s house (they’re married). They got their Wii only about a month ago, and were already pretty enamored with it, so part of the tease of the dinner invite was the promise of some Wii action afterwards. It was kinda late by the time we finally got around to firing it up — 11:30 — but they were game to let my friend Lara and me give it a try. First up was Wii tennis. So great! Especially since I play in real life. Though, I lost all of the four or so games I played, two of which were against Lara (who also plays tennis). Then we played some other random games.. one where you’re on a cow knocking down stuff on a raceway, a shooting game (which I won vs. Lara — handily) and laser air hockey. But then….we busted out Guitar Hero. Now that was SO much fun. I played two songs on the Easy level (which has you using three of the six [?] keys), and I hit 96% of the notes on the second one! Yeah, it’s only three keys, but I still felt a great sense of accomplishment. I also loved the parts when I got to rock out and pull the neck of the guitar up. Ha, and my sense of accomplishment was increased when Lara tried a couple songs and got booed off the stage within about 20 seconds!! (Sorry Lara, but it was only right after my having lost at many other games earlier that night ;o)). I think what I love about the Wii is that it’s so simple and easy — you don’t have to worry about what eight buttons mean, or remember how many bullets or grenades you have left, or keep track of some intricate backstory. It’s just unadulterated, straightforward fun.

Anyway, I was at Costco this afternoon with my mom and talked up one of the employees about the Wii. Apparently they sell out of the consoles amazingly fast after stock up (they were of course out today). If I were to get one, though, I’d almost certainly get it there, just because of the great warranty and return policy, and apparently, according to the dude, for the ~$300 you plonk down, you get two controllers instead of one, and an extra game or two. Unfortunately, Guitar Hero isn’t one of those games; L&I said it was about $100 for the GH game and guitar thing. Ouch! So we’ll see. At the very least, I’m hoping I’ll be getting more frequent dinner invites from L&I so I can periodically get a Wii fix!

I should mention also that for the tail end of last week, up until my Wii-velation, my obsession was the idea of getting an iPod Touch, mainly because a co-worker brought in his iPhone to show Eric and me and we were just enthralled. But then we did the math on how much more a month we’d be shelling for our cell-phone plan, and we just couldn’t justify it. I mentioned that my dad has an iPod Touch that has a lot of the features that the iPhone has, it just needs free WiFi to use them. So we were all fired up about getting one of those. Problem is, they’re mucho expensive — even at Costco, around $389 for the 16G, and $489 for the 32G.

Though.. my iPod Touch obsession was revived a bit this evening when I was at my parents’ for dinner and my dad gave me a little tour of his iPod Touch. It’s super slick! So now I have to let my obsessions simmer and we’ll see if and when I end up buying one of the two. Hm…maybe I’ll buy one now, and the other when bonus time rolls around at work in early September…