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Fun iPhone (4) app

Posted in iphone, Uncategorized on August 16, 2010 by poojaland

How fun is this app?! It’s called the IncrediBooth, and it’s by the folks who made the Hipstamatic iPhone appp. It lets you make photo-booth style strips of photos. The hitch is that it currently only works on the iPhone 4, and only uses the front-facing camera. It costs $0.99 (the App Store gift card you gave me for my birthday is truly the gift that keeps giving, M.G. :o)). There are three filter settings, and the app takes four pictures in succession just like those fun photo booths. Get more on the app here. Click the image to the right to enlarge it.

Friends, watch out, I’m gonna be firing this app up the next time we each hang out! It’s minutes of entertainment!

When an iPhone becomes a party saver

Posted in iphone on November 25, 2008 by poojaland

So on Saturday evening, I headed south to Mt. Baker for my friend/co-worker Ben’s annual Grand Autumn Gathering (he makes some homebrew in its honor). I’d been to Ben’s once before, but it was several months ago, so I used Yahoo! to give me driving directions and wrote them down. They looked a bit more complicated than I remembered, but I’d entered Ben’s address correctly, so I just shrugged it off.

Once I got off I-90, I took a few turns off Rainier Blvd. After I’d gone several miles, I suddenly came upon the on-ramp to the West Seattle Bridge. Yikes! I’d obviously gone waaay off course. So I pulled over and fired up the Maps program on my iPhone. It pinpointed my location, and then I entered Ben’s address, and it mapped my route to his house. I made a U-turn and was on my way, keeping my phone in one hand so I could turn it as I followed the route (the little pin that marked my location moved in real time on the map). I was even able to improvise a bit when the route dead-ended on a road that was closed for construction.

Finally, about 30 minutes after I’d intended to show up, I made it to Ben’s for the party. Yay for the iPhone! And yay for Ben’s party!

Was I in upside-down world?

Posted in iphone, wii on August 2, 2008 by poojaland

In the late afternoon today, I set out on foot to run some errands. First up was my doctor’s office to pick up some prescription refills. Being that it was late afternoon on a Friday, I figured it’d be super busy at the pharmacy, so I packed a book in order to avoid dealing with out-of-date, grimy magazines (the book was “The End of Faith,” which I’ve been reading sporadically for at least a year. It’s got WAY too many endnotes, and is a little too high-brow for my tastes; I’d recommend “The God Delusion” over “TEOF” if you’re looking for something in that genre). Once I got to the pharmacy, though, there were only a handful of people. I took a number — it was number 94. I looked up, and they were on number 93! So I had to sit for a grand total of about one minute before I was called up to the window.

Then I headed on down the street to the mall. One of my stops was an official AT&T store. Usually, you only need to be within shouting distance of a cell-phone store or booth before you’ve got someone coming up to you to “help,” but this time, I actually had to wait several minutes. And this was after I wasted about 10 minutes by slowly walking around the store and pretending to examine each phone. Yeesh! And it wasn’t that they were overstaffed — in fact, I think they had at least eight employees in there — they were just really busy. Anyway, once I finally got some help, the employee confirmed what I’d feared: I’m not eligible to upgrade my phone until mid-September. I know I mentioned a couple posts back that I was obsessed with getting either a Wii or an iPod Touch, but now the Touch obsession has been replaced with an iPhone obsession. This is mainly because the idea of having an all-in-one device (phone + mp3 player) is really appealing, not to mention the idea of being able to access the Web and e-mail while I’m on walks or the bus, or waiting at a bus stop (I’m doing a lot more of all three now). Plus, a co-worker gave my officemate and me a little demo of his iPhone and it just looks like so much fun.

So unfortunately, I’m now forced to engage in one of my dad’s favorite situations: “delayed gratification.” Yay. I guess the silver lining is that as I also mentioned in a previous post, mid-September is bonus time at work. So maybe I’ll get a Wii sooner to satisfy one obsession, and the iPhone later for the other! I’ve obviously been without a new toy for a little too long..