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Buster goes to the dentist

Posted in Buster on September 29, 2008 by poojaland

Several weeks ago, I noticed that Buster was hardly eating his dry food. Nothing had changed — the brand of his food (both dry and wet), location, bowl, etc. — and after I started mixing about a teaspoon of it in with his wet food twice a day, he did eat it. But he was no less hungry, and being that I’m at work for most of the day M-Th., I started getting alarmed over the thought of him only eating around 7:30 a.m. and then 10 p.m. when I gave him the wet/dry food mix. Since his appetite hadn’t waned, my immediate thought was that he had some sort of tooth issue going on that made it painful for him to eat the dry food. Otherwise, he seemed completely normal, though a bit more lethargic than usual (due to eating less).

After about a week and a half of his weird eating, I was able to take him to the vet. Sure enough, he had a couple teeth that needed removing. He hadn’t been to the vet in a couple years, so he also was due for a couple vaccinations. Buster was pretty good throughout the entire appointment; he was really squirmy and obviously scared, but he didn’t hiss or yowl or scratch anyone. On the drive home that morning, I had his carrier on the passenger seat with the open part facing me. The carrier had this fuzzy blue pad/carpet on the bottom, only affixed by a couple strips of glue. Post-vet trauma on the ride back, Buster was able to pull the pad up and crawl underneath it to hide as best he could. I snapped a pic of him at a stop light. Poor guy!

Anyway, Buster had surgery a couple days after that appointment to get the teeth removed. Now it’s about a week and a half later, and he seems to be fully recovered. He’s back to eating dry food, but not as much as before; I think he got spoiled by the five days or so both pre- and post-surgery when he could only eat the wet stuff. No way am I only feeding him only that, though; that’d add up really fast. Plus, he of course needs food at hand when I’m in the office, and I can’t leave wet food out all day as it goes sort of plasticky.

Twinkie carnage

Posted in Buster, Food on August 12, 2008 by poojaland

Over the weekend, my sister sent me home with some leftovers from her birthday party that took place the weeekend before that: two chocolate Hostess cupcake things, and a package of Twinkies. (I haven’t had either in years, but they looked mighty tempting, and she didn’t want them, so …) I took out one of the Twinkies last night for a little dessert snack. After hearing the rustling of the plastic wrapper, Buster (my cat) immediately came over to see what I was doing. Out of curiosity, I put a little piece of the Twinkie on my palm, and lo-and-behold, he snatched the thing up. I gave him a couple more pieces, then told him to bugger off so I could eat the rest. I left the other Twinkie in the package; I folded the open end underneath, and left everything on my coffee table.

Woke up this morning and padded into the living room to check e-mail, and there on the floor next to the coffee table was that second Twinkie! Buster had pulled the package off the table, gotten his paw into it, pulled out the Twinkie (no easy feat, since it was stuck to a piece of cardboard within the package) and started munching. He didn’t make it as far as the filling, but he did an impressive amount of damage. He likes the junk food, just like his mamma! Here’s a shot of the Twinkie, post-Buster:

Don’t worry, I don’t go feeding Buster people food; I just get a kick out of seeing what all he’ll eat. Some examples: avacado, mini marshmallows and whipped cream from a can (as soon as he hears the “whoooosh” of the can, he comes running). Funny guy.

Fresh air and a wee road trip

Posted in Buster, taco truck on April 11, 2008 by poojaland

The weather is gorgeous today — sunny and in the 60s, though a wee bit overcast. I opened up my bedroom window for Buster to get some air; the screens are currently not in, as I had to remove them when our building had our windows cleaned, and I haven’t gotten around to putting them back up. Anyway, when Buster stuck his head out, I ran into the living room and snapped a pic of him peering out. So cute!

Yesterday, despite the rather overcast day and off-and-on rain sprinkles, a group of us trekked down to the taco truck for a good-bye lunch for a co-worker. Eight of us smashed into two cars — one was a mini, the other was a three-seater truck with a stick shift. I was the lucky “middle” person in Eric’s truck; two other guys squeezed in next to me. I’ve posted some pics from the outing; first is a self-photo of us in Eric’s truck (don’t you love my up-the-nostrils angle??), the next is of me chowing down on my veggie burrito (looking a little evil…not sure why — it was delicious!), then there’s a group shot of us. Some of us ate in/on the bed of Eric’s truck; others just stood around. Good times!

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