Ocean Park and bubble tea!

Yesterday’s big outing was to Ocean Park, kind of Sea World meets Disneyland. I was most excited for two things — the Giant Pandas and roller coasters. Unfortunately, ALL the coasters were closed for “scheduled maintenance,” but we at least did get to see pandas!




The park also has themed exhibits, i.e., an aquarium, a rainforest-animals area, etc. We took a gondola around the park, and took in some amazing views (the park is on the southern coast of Hong Kong Island; we’re staying on the northern part of the island):


We even randomly saw an Indian guy in a Shaun Alexander Seahawks jersey! (I was eating lunch at this time, but did try unsuccessfully to get Anuja to go chat him up.)


Finally, we took in a dolphin/sea-lion show and made our way back home, as we were pretty beat and Sis wasn’t feeling well. Soon as we got back, Sis crashed while Cousin P and I ate dinner. After wards, we headed out for a little walk. Cousin P took me to some hole-in-the-wall nail place, where I had a pedicure (my feet needed it after all those days in India in flip-flops!) and she got a manicure:


We also got some groceries, and I had my first bubble tea in a month! So good!


Today has been pretty mellow so far; Cousin P has a friend in town from China, so we all had a bit of breakfast together and then Sis took a shower. I’m going to log off shortly, and then the plan is to head to Lantau Island to hit the Big Buddha. The weather is looking a bit so-so — 60 degrees and a bit overcast — but hopefully the views will still be good.

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