HK, Day 2

Sorry in advance that this will be kind of short — too tired to fire up my cousin’s laptop, so I’m typing up this post from my iPhone.

Today’s recap — had a leisurely morning; ate a huge breakfast and chatted with the cousins, who nicely took some time off to spend with us. Cousin H wrote up a detailed itinerary for us, and then Sis and I finally headed out around noon. Our first stop was the nearby mall, City Plaza, for some lunch. Unfortunately, nearly all HK cuisine has some amount of meat or seafood in it, neither of which Sis or I eat much of (we eat chicken, but they mostly serve it boiled here — ew!), so we ended up grabbing food at Bread Talk. They even had panda-shaped treats!


Then we took the Metro to Wan Chai, walked around a bit and hopped the Star Ferry for a quick ride over to TST Island. The fog hung around all day, but you can kind of get an idea of the HK-Island skyline here:


Walked around some more, did a little jade-jewelry shopping (Sis got to work on her bargaining skills), and then stopped at a McD’s for a little snack (boring, I know, but they had food we could eat!). This red-bean pie was really tasty!


Finally made it back to Cousin H’s around 6:45. Cousin P’s college friend is in town, so she and her family came over for dinner. The weather’s looking decent tomorrow (fingers crossed!), so the current plan is to head to Ocean Park for the day.

That’s all for now!

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