Hello, Hong Kong!

Said good-bye to India around 6 p.m. yesterday and then made the 4-hour road trip to Mumbai. The flight to Hong Kong was 4.5 hours (shorter than the advertised 6 hours), and I even managed to get in about an hour of sleep after breakfast, awakening only as we touched down in HK.

Cousin H and his wife P met Cousin D and me outside baggage claim. We got some fresh fruit juice (so tasty after nearly two weeks with hardly any fresh fruit!) and had a good chat. Then we made our way to a lunch spot before Cousin D had to head off to her 2-p.m. flight home to San Fran.

Then we were off to Cousin H’s. They live about a 22-min and 10-min train/taxi ride away from the airport, on Hong Kong island. They’re on the 18th floor of their building and this is the amazing view from their daughter’s/guest bedroom (it’ll be more spectacular sans all the fog!):


I took a two-hour nap, we ate some dinner and then Cousin H and I took the train into town to meet Sis, who arrived at 7 p.m. Brought her back home, and then spent the rest of the evening chatting and being plied with drinks made by Cousin H (caipirinhas, Frangelico with lemon and then an aperitif of some berry liqueur from Austria).

Tomorrow’s plans are a bit up in the air, but weather-permitting, I think we’ll at least try to get in a hike during the day. Hopefully the weather will be more welcoming tomorrow!

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