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Just as I was thinking I’d make it through my India stay without getting sick — I finally got hit with a bug on Thursday. During the day, I had that brief queasy spell I mentioned in my previous post, but then during the night, I was suddenly freezing cold and unable to sleep. I felt better in the morning, but by the time my mom’s friend and her daughter came ’round to pick me up for a lunch outing, I’d had to run to the bathroom for (warning: TMI!) my first case of the runs. Lunch was thus a pretty sad affair — I only had half a slice of plain toasted bread and a glass of Sprite. It was good to catch up with those ladies, but I just felt so uncomfortable! Came back home and immediately laid down. We took my temp in the late afternoon, and it was at 102 degrees. So, my aunt and cousin took turns playing nursemaid while I slept off and on. They called the doctor in the evening and he came by to check me out. He gave me a mix of regular and homoeopathic medicines, which I’ll continue taking into tomorrow. Thankfully the fever had come down to normal by late morning today, though I still have lovely Symptom No. 2, so I’m eating lightly (my stomach feels much better than yesterday; it just twinges every few hours and then I have to run to the bathroom). I also am combining the doc’s pills with some traveller’s diarrhea meds I brought from Seattle. We think I got sick due to the combo of too much sun and a ton of running around (plus I’m sure I haven’t been drinking enough water — as usual). Fun times!

So, today has been a pretty mild day. Slept in a bit, then had my morning tea and a little bit of rice with homemade yogurt. My cousin U, who lives here in Pune but is working out of London for a few years, came into town, so she, Cousin D and I stepped out for a bit to visit a nearby mall. I felt a bit uncomfortable on the long ride there (traffic here, as I’ve mentioned, is insane!) and had to make a bathroom run soon after we arrived, but I then made it through the rest of the outing OK, and even had a decent dinner.¬†Hopefully I’ll be fully back to normal by tomorrow, as we’re all taking a road trip a couple hours away to some park.

Here’s me and Cousin U having some Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at the Phoenix Mall (really, Coffee Bean, you have stores in India but not in the U.S. outside California?!):


Also, today is apparently Women’s Day, so at the Coffee Bean they gave each of us a rose, postcard and gift card to a spa. How nice!


Oh, and later on Thursday (after my queasy spell, but before I got a fever), we went to Uncle A’s for a large family dinner. Here are the kids (note the artwork on the wall!):