Quick Check-In

It’s been a whirlwind few days! Survived two overnight bus rides to Goa — on the first, I was in a top bunk and the bus was swaying like a row boat on a choppy ocean. I didn’t get sick or anything, but I hardly slept. Plus, I started violently having to pee at 3 a.m., and we didn’t get to the station until 6:30. Not fun! The ride back was much better; I was on a bottom bunk and the ride was smoother. Our first pit stop was later (1.5 hours in rather than 0.5 hours as on the way to Goa), and so I wasn’t as wiped by the time I got back to Pune.

Goa was really beautiful. After some tea and breakfast at Cousin V’s, he gave us a tour of the area in his car, and then we wound our way to Candolim Beach. It was mostly European tourists there — Russians and Germans — and mostly folks in rather questionable attire. To each their own!

Here’s a shot of my feet as I lounge on the beach; my uncle and cousins are frolicking in the water:


Goa was a great getaway, but it was so hot! I think in the low ’90s? I’ll have to come back some time and explore the area more properly.

Here’re my cousins (left and center) and uncle:


Arrived back to Pune around 7 a.m… Had a quick tea and then a few of us went off to Pune University for a walk — the one place in Pune so far where you can walk relatively freely (without dodging people/cars/rickshaws/animals). We had a snack there, then came home to shower. Cousin A took me shopping (during which I had my first “I’m not feeling so good” moment, which thankfully passed after I sat down for a few minutes and drank some water) and then we had some lunch. Hung out a bit one of my mom’s childhood friends who owns a store near my aunt’s, and then I had a little time at home before we headed out for our evening activities — a trip to a nearby park and then a big dinner at Uncle A’s.

I’m wiped after all the running around, so that’s it for today!

2 Responses to “Quick Check-In”

  1. Fighting Reality Says:

    Love the beer pose :) My favorite description in this is “violently having to pee”. I was in that situation recently, but had the option of asking my brother-in-law to stop at the nearest gas station. I’m loving these updates!

  2. Ha! Apparently we could’ve asked the driver to stop somewhere, but it’s not such an easy ask when one’s a woman ;o) Glad you’re enjoying the posts!

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