No mas “das”!

Forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that one of my biggest annoyances here has been dealing with the mosquitoes– aka “das” in Marathi. I got my first bite within an hour of arriving at my aunt’s on Thursday morning, and it’s been more of the same. My current bite count is 13; I get at least two new ones a day. I’m wearing my Naturapel as often as possible, but I just realized it’s only to be applied up to twice a day (and is only active for eight hours). The bugs here are at work 24/7, so it’s impossible to be protected all day and night. I’m making night time the priority, as that’s when I can’t see the bugs and swat them away, but then it’s hard to pick what other eight-hour stretch will be most mosquito-filled. I really thought the bug problem would be less this time of year (I’ve always come in the summer on previous visits), but that’s unfortunately not the case. Good thing I also brought along some Benadryl itch-relief cream — for all the good it doesn’t do!

Tomorrow night, I’m hopping an overnight (10-11-hour?) bus with Cousin P and Uncle A to Goa. I’ve never been, but have heard amazing things. We’ll be there all day Wed. and will meet up with Cousin V. Then Wed. night, we’ll hop the bus back to Pune. Kinda anxious about the fact that there won’t be a toilet on board — I generally wake up with an urgent need to pee! — but hopefully I’ll make it through OK. I’ll be sure to take toilet paper and hand sanitizer, as I’m sure the toilets at any of our stops will be a bit undesirable!

Some random pics..

View from one of the balconies of Aunt N’s (note the little shrine in the middle of the intersection, with a beautiful rice-powder drawing in front).


Having tea, of course!



Cousin M, his wife and son (see previous post about lack of helmets and using scooters as family transportation!):


A building in Dharavi, Mumbai, one of the largest slums in the world (made famous by “Slumdog Millionaire”).


Yum! Spicy-sweet goodness.


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