New favorite nutritional shortcut

Being that I’m not so good at eating well — and don’t have the sophisticated palate that really enjoys healthy food — I’m always looking for nutritional shortcuts. I.e., how can I get the benefits of eating fish without eating fish? (Here’s my solution.) Last year, I happily discovered V8 Fusion. It’s 100% juice with no sugar added, and each serving contains one full serving of vegetables and one full serving of fruits. As a bonus, you can even now buy the cans at Costco! The Costco pack has two flavors, Pomegranate Blueberry and Strawberry Banana. Good stuff!

I know you’re ideally supposed to have more than one serving each of veggies and fruits per day, so I do eat additional fresh stuff here and there (and I don’t drink a can of this every day). Still, it’s a great supplement to my otherwise relatively unhealthy “diet.”


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