Sheet, I forgot to mention —

After my last post, I went onto my blog and re-read some of my last few entries. I read the post where I whined about my white sheets … and now, only a few months later, I’m a bit sheepish to report that I have an entire new set of bedding. Um, yes. So, I finally reached my limit with the super-light bedding. And for a few years now, I’ve been coveting various Calvin Klein bedding sets. Macy’s always has great deal on bedding, so I went on to their Web site and was happy to discover they had several CK bedding sets on sale. My dream sets were still prohibitively expensive ($200 for just a duvet cover?!), but there were a few that were around $150 for a duvet set (duvet cover + two shams). In the end, I went with the Marin design. I didn’t like the accompanying sheets, so I splurged on a new set of sheets as well (also on sale!); they’re a dark blue-gray color. Rather than spend more money on accent pillows, I took one of the shams with me to Ross and wandered their surprisingly well stocked pillows section to find a color that would complement the color scheme of the bedding set. I ended up picking a large, square pillow with a ruffled edge in a cool dark purple color that I thought went well with the dark sheets and lighter blue of the duvet and shams (as a bonus, it was only like $9). The duvet is more vibrant in person, but below is a pic of how everything looked once it was washed and set up — excuse the bad quality of the photo, which was taken on my iPhone.

The duvet cover is 100% cotton, but I was still worried about the effect Buster’s claws might have on it. The first night I slept with the new bedding, I did hear his nails catch on it a couple times. The next morning, upon inspection, I discovered a couple places where his nails pulled out a little loop of fabric. So…I ran back to Macy’s and picked up a cheap fleece blanket to toss over my bed. It’s not super sexy — I remove it when company’s coming over — but it provides a great barrier between pricey bedding and a kitty’s sharp claws.

The blanket also gets the stamp of approval from the feline himself, who curled up on it within minutes..


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