Oh sheet(s)!

So I’m still using and enjoying the new bedding I purchased earlier this year (full details here: https://poojaland.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/the-saga-of-bedding/). The upside of having the lighter sheets is that Buster’s orange/red/white hair doesn’t show as readily. The downside is that the white part of the bedding (which is most of it) starts looking dingy pretty soon, within a couple or three weeks of being washed. Now, I don’t know about the rest of y’all who have duvet covers, but those things are a huge pain to deal with in regards to washing, because after you’ve washed and dried the cover, you have to wrangle the down comforter inside the duvet and then get the thing flat inside there so it looks decent (this involves reaching your arm up inside the duvet multiple times and pulling the comforter around, shaking out the whole thing, etc.). Maybe I’m just a major wuss, but I often break into a little bit of a sweat when I’m re-making my bed after washing all the bedding..

So, I’m annoyed at the fact now that I have to wash my bedding so much more often (OK, OK, I admit I probably didn’t wash my previous bedding as often as I should have, but I sleep in all my clothes pretty much all the time [insert sarcastic comment about my FUN single life], don’t eat in bed or do much of anything to get the sheets that dirty that quickly), especially the duvet vs. the bedsheets (the bedsheets are also white, but obviously, are usually invisible under the duvet cover). I will say, however, that after going through all the hassle of stripping off all the sheets, washing them, drying them (on low heat, so this also takes some time) and wrangling everything back onto the bed, there’s nothing like climbing under the sparkling white sheets at night and burying my face into the fabric-softener-scented pillowcase.  It’s almost as enjoyable as putting on PJs right out of the dryer!

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