Sole healing

As if I needed further proof that I’m getting old(er) — I bought my first pair of insoles the other day. The deal is that my usual choice of footwear on work days — when I do the most amount of walking, due to being a bus rider — is one of my five pairs of Converse sneakers. Those sneakers, out of the box, have very little arch support, and after wearing one of those pairs for a few months, that support becomes even less noticeable. As far as I know, I don’t have unusual feet (not a high or low arch), but my feet definitely get a bit cranky once I walk more than a half mile or so in my Chuck Taylors. In a recent REI sale catalog, I saw that insoles were on sale, so I decided to give them a shot. However, I hit a slight hitch when, in preparation of buying the insoles, I tried to pull out the insoles of my CTs and discovered they were quite solidly glued in.

Went to REI and grabbed a staff member in the shoe section. I explained that I would mainly be using the insoles in my CTs, and asked if they had any sale insoles that would work with those. He directed me toward a line of insoles by SOLE, and said he himself used their thinnest sole in his own CTs. So…I picked up a pair and took them home. I went through the optional preparation process of heating the soles up for a few minutes in the oven, putting them in a pair of shoes and then standing in the shoes for two minutes to mold the insoles to the shape of my feet. I’ve now been wearing the insoles for a few weeks now — transitioning them from shoe to shoe — and wow, I’m hooked! They really do make such a difference to me! I feel like I could walk for hours in my CTs now. My CTs vary in size from 7-8.5 (I snatched up a couple pairs at Nordstrom Rack, and was limited by their selection), so I have to wear thinner socks sometimes so my toes aren’t completely smashed up, but as the REI guy said, the insoles do indeed fit into the CTs on top of the factory insoles. Click here to get more on the insoles.


2 Responses to “Sole healing”

  1. Fighting Reality Says:

    I’m glad you found a fix. When I went to my orthopedist about my feet and had insoles made, he didn’t take out the existing sole of my Converses. He just set them right on top because they really have no arch support. Insoles make a tremendous difference to me. Also, I have to wear a half-size larger, so I used to wear a 5.5 without insoles and regular socks. Now I just buy a size 6 because I will always wear my insoles in them. They fit perfectly.

  2. Yeah, I think I’ll be using the half-size-up guide from now on as well, though I find that most sneakers come with a much better default insole than CTs, i.e. a pair of Tiger sneaks I bought recently, in which the arch seems almost a bit too high (but has gotten more comfortable each time I wear the shoes).

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