Bus post: Just a day in the life…

So I planned a trip downtown after work yesterday to run a number of errands. I had my voting ballot to drop off (just a few hours before the filing deadline — typical), some items to return at H&M (a couple days before their 30-day deadline, also typical), and also, I wanted to get some bubble tea, as it’d been over a week since my last fix. Hopped the bus into Seattle after work, and rolled into downtown just before 6. Took care of the ballot and clothing-returns business, and then hopped back on the bus to go south a couple stops in the transit tunnel to the bubble-tea shop in the International District (I was headed to Oasis, for you local folks). Emerged from the tunnel, and the scene before me was super spooky — it was fully dark, there were only a few people and cars around, and the area just seemed eerie. Went to cross the street and then noticed that oh crap, the traffic lights are out! As I walked up the block to Oasis, I went “Oh crap” again — all the freakin’ lights were out everywhere! After peering into Oasis to verify they were dark as well, I dejectedly walked back to the tunnel to hop the bus home. I pulled up the Seattle Times Web site on my phone to see if they had a mention of the power outage, but there was nothing about it. Anyway, thankfully I only had to wait 7-8 minutes before my bus showed; I was super disappointed to have not gotten my bubble tea (yes, my life is a bit blah right now, it’s all about taking pleasure in the little things ;o). The next few days are busy, so it looks like bubble-tea pilgrimage try 2 will have to wait until the weekend. Don’t ask me why these stupid things happen to me; I mean, a power outage on a sunny, clear day?? Sheesh.

BTW, I know I’m long overdue to post with an update on that other “situation” (though most of you are already in the know). I’ll try to do that later this week.


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