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Bus post: November snow

Posted in Uncategorized on November 22, 2010 by poojaland

I was pretty bummed last winter when we got nary a flake of the white stuff. I used to grumble over the snow like a lot of Seattleites (we have a bad rep for not being able to deal with ice/snow, but that’s mainly because this city is basically hill after hill), but due to where I live now, and how I commute, as long as I have a little advance warning that snow is coming, I’m good to go. My condo is within walking distance of my bus stop, a movie theater, a Target, a grocery store, my bank and even my doctor and haircut place.

Anyway, it snowed off and on for several hours yesterday (Sunday). This time, it did make me a bit anxious, as I had early-evening dinner plans, and then would have to head downtown straightaway to meet up with a bunch of folks and see the semifinals of the Seattle Comedy Competition (for which I’d already bought a $19 ticket). My back-up plan was to bail on the dinner and bus downtown, though that wasn’t super appealing as the later it gets, especially on a Sunday night, the less often my bus runs. Thankfully, the snow never stuck yesterday, and had tapered off completely by the time I headed out for the evening’s activities around 4:45. Both the outings were a lot of fun!

I’d heard it might snow overnight, so when my last alarm went off this morning around 6:30, I bounded over to the window and looked down to my building’s backyard. Sadly, I didn’t spy any dusting of white. But 30 minutes later, after I’d gotten out of the shower, I peered outside, and dang if snow wasn’t coming down steadily — and sticking! I thought about e-mailing my team and saying I’d work from home, but I already had my contacts in at the point, my bus looked to be on its normal schedule and finally, being that it’s a short week due to Thanksgiving, I figured I’d venture on in. Plus, I was really eager to have a chilly, snowy walk to the bus stop (in my Sorels, of course, plus my long, down coat with faux-fur trimmed hood!).

The bus was on time, pulling up to the stop with the crunch-crunch of the chains on the back tires (though there was only maybe 1/2″ of snow on the roads). We took a detour to the main road by going around the block, and then all of a sudden, some dude went up to the driver and asked to be let off. So she pulled over, and the dude, plus to other folks, piled off about four blocks from where we’d all piled on. The driver, hilariously, called out “Chicken!” as they stepped off. Two blocks later, some chick did the same routine.

The next mile or two to the freeway on-ramp was a bumpy ride, especially when the bus got up to 20-25 MPH, as the chains didn’t have much snow to bite into on the road. I was submitting some Words With Friends words on my phone (basically Scrabble), and my letters on the screen kept shuffling due to the bus’ motions — usually you have to give the phone a good shake to cause that shuffle!

So now we’re about halfway to my office, when we’re usually there by now. There’s basically no snow on the road here on the freeway (except between the lanes and on the shoulders), but there’s the usual rush-hour traffic compounded by folks driving slowly and our bus not being able to drive full-speed due to the chains.

The snow is still coming down, though the flakes are maybe half the size they were an hour ago. (Oh, and one more person just got off the bus.) I’m hoping it keeps falling so I can get in another snowy walk this evening.

Oh sheet(s)!

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So I’m still using and enjoying the new bedding I purchased earlier this year (full details here: The upside of having the lighter sheets is that Buster’s orange/red/white hair doesn’t show as readily. The downside is that the white part of the bedding (which is most of it) starts looking dingy pretty soon, within a couple or three weeks of being washed. Now, I don’t know about the rest of y’all who have duvet covers, but those things are a huge pain to deal with in regards to washing, because after you’ve washed and dried the cover, you have to wrangle the down comforter inside the duvet and then get the thing flat inside there so it looks decent (this involves reaching your arm up inside the duvet multiple times and pulling the comforter around, shaking out the whole thing, etc.). Maybe I’m just a major wuss, but I often break into a little bit of a sweat when I’m re-making my bed after washing all the bedding..

So, I’m annoyed at the fact now that I have to wash my bedding so much more often (OK, OK, I admit I probably didn’t wash my previous bedding as often as I should have, but I sleep in all my clothes pretty much all the time [insert sarcastic comment about my FUN single life], don’t eat in bed or do much of anything to get the sheets that dirty that quickly), especially the duvet vs. the bedsheets (the bedsheets are also white, but obviously, are usually invisible under the duvet cover). I will say, however, that after going through all the hassle of stripping off all the sheets, washing them, drying them (on low heat, so this also takes some time) and wrangling everything back onto the bed, there’s nothing like climbing under the sparkling white sheets at night and burying my face into the fabric-softener-scented pillowcase.  It’s almost as enjoyable as putting on PJs right out of the dryer!

Sole healing

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As if I needed further proof that I’m getting old(er) — I bought my first pair of insoles the other day. The deal is that my usual choice of footwear on work days — when I do the most amount of walking, due to being a bus rider — is one of my five pairs of Converse sneakers. Those sneakers, out of the box, have very little arch support, and after wearing one of those pairs for a few months, that support becomes even less noticeable. As far as I know, I don’t have unusual feet (not a high or low arch), but my feet definitely get a bit cranky once I walk more than a half mile or so in my Chuck Taylors. In a recent REI sale catalog, I saw that insoles were on sale, so I decided to give them a shot. However, I hit a slight hitch when, in preparation of buying the insoles, I tried to pull out the insoles of my CTs and discovered they were quite solidly glued in.

Went to REI and grabbed a staff member in the shoe section. I explained that I would mainly be using the insoles in my CTs, and asked if they had any sale insoles that would work with those. He directed me toward a line of insoles by SOLE, and said he himself used their thinnest sole in his own CTs. So…I picked up a pair and took them home. I went through the optional preparation process of heating the soles up for a few minutes in the oven, putting them in a pair of shoes and then standing in the shoes for two minutes to mold the insoles to the shape of my feet. I’ve now been wearing the insoles for a few weeks now — transitioning them from shoe to shoe — and wow, I’m hooked! They really do make such a difference to me! I feel like I could walk for hours in my CTs now. My CTs vary in size from 7-8.5 (I snatched up a couple pairs at Nordstrom Rack, and was limited by their selection), so I have to wear thinner socks sometimes so my toes aren’t completely smashed up, but as the REI guy said, the insoles do indeed fit into the CTs on top of the factory insoles. Click here to get more on the insoles.

Protected: Fin (in the French sense of the word)

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Bus post: Just a day in the life…

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So I planned a trip downtown after work yesterday to run a number of errands. I had my voting ballot to drop off (just a few hours before the filing deadline — typical), some items to return at H&M (a couple days before their 30-day deadline, also typical), and also, I wanted to get some bubble tea, as it’d been over a week since my last fix. Hopped the bus into Seattle after work, and rolled into downtown just before 6. Took care of the ballot and clothing-returns business, and then hopped back on the bus to go south a couple stops in the transit tunnel to the bubble-tea shop in the International District (I was headed to Oasis, for you local folks). Emerged from the tunnel, and the scene before me was super spooky — it was fully dark, there were only a few people and cars around, and the area just seemed eerie. Went to cross the street and then noticed that oh crap, the traffic lights are out! As I walked up the block to Oasis, I went “Oh crap” again — all the freakin’ lights were out everywhere! After peering into Oasis to verify they were dark as well, I dejectedly walked back to the tunnel to hop the bus home. I pulled up the Seattle Times Web site on my phone to see if they had a mention of the power outage, but there was nothing about it. Anyway, thankfully I only had to wait 7-8 minutes before my bus showed; I was super disappointed to have not gotten my bubble tea (yes, my life is a bit blah right now, it’s all about taking pleasure in the little things ;o). The next few days are busy, so it looks like bubble-tea pilgrimage try 2 will have to wait until the weekend. Don’t ask me why these stupid things happen to me; I mean, a power outage on a sunny, clear day?? Sheesh.

BTW, I know I’m long overdue to post with an update on that other “situation” (though most of you are already in the know). I’ll try to do that later this week.