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Triple soles

Posted in Uncategorized on October 12, 2010 by poojaland

Had to hit up my favorite store (REI, of course) this past weekend to pick up a rain jacket for my dad that was on sale. Luckily, I hadn’t seen anything else in the sale flier that I wanted to buy for myself (Dad’s jacket was a belated birthday gift), but the “Members get 20% off one full-price item” coupon was burning a hole in my pocket. I’ve been on a mad boot hunt lately — see some of my previous posts — so I did some poking around on REI’s Web site before I headed downtown. I’d been looking for casual boots, by then my attention was grabbed by the Sorel Sorelli lace-up boots.

Sorel Sorelli boots

As I’ve mentioned before, I have really small calves, so I was intrigued to check out these boots, being that they’re lace up. (As a related side note, out of curiosity, I got out my tape measure a few minutes ago, and my largest calf, which is my right one, is about 13.5 inches around; my left calf is 13.)  Also, though I like some of the other, heavier-duty Sorel winter boots that have fun faux fur coming out of the top, I figured this style of boot could be worn both over and under jeans. Tried them on — I lucked out in that they only had one pair left in my size — and they fit well, though the arch in the right boot seemed off somehow. I was under a time constraint, so after trying on another pair of Sorel boots (some faux-fur-lined ones, just for fun!), I took the boots and my dad’s jacket and headed to the cashier.

When I got home later that night, I pulled the boots out and pulled them on to give them a more thorough testing out. I was torn — the boots looked great, and fit great except that pesky right arch. I have normal arches — not too high or flat — and after walking around a bit in my condo, I decided the arch was borderline too uncomfortable, in that I was worried my right foot might start hurting after wearing the boots and walking around a lot. Then I had a light-bulb moment, and thought “Hey! I should try switching out the Sorel insoles with some from another pair of shoes.”

So, I pulled out the insole of that pesky right boot. Out of curiousity , I then stuck my hand down inside the boot, and to my surprise, I still felt a bit of an arch bump there. I moved my fingertips around to the inner side of the boot, realized there was more fabric I could pull up, and…surprise! Another insole! What?! And the insole even appears to be a different size!

After putting just one of the insoles back in, I held my breath and put the shoe on again. Thankfully, it fit just right — no more discomfort. As seems to be the case with all Sorel boots that have the classic “duck-shoe” waterproof bottom, there’s a ton of room in the toe box; I mean, I could probably stash my wallet in there along with my foot! Being that the boots aren’t super insulated from the ankle area up, though, this may be  a good thing, as I can wear thicker socks with them. I must admit that though I love these boots overall, I’m not fully loving how big my feet look in the duck shoe part of the boot, especially seen right below my skinny calves. But I think the boots will grow more on me, especially once the weather turns and I can take them out for a spin. After the crazy rainy weather this past weekend, I thought I’d easily have a chance to wear the new boots sometime this week, but so far, though it’s been cold, it’s been dry and sunny. Gray and wet will be the rule rather than the exception for the next few months, so I guess I shouldn’t complain about the nicer weather right now..