Bus post: fakin’ it

Due to the rain (and it being rush hour in Western Washington), my bus home was about 10 min. late to arrive at my stop, and now we’re only halfway back when we’d usually be there. Anyway, it’s been a long and stressful week (and will be so into Saturday), so I’m pretty wiped. A couple times now, I’ve started to yawn, and have thus put my hand over my mouth (no one needs to smell my mouth stank), but every time do, the guy sitting to my left looks over, and I suddenly lose the urge to yawn. But.. then I feel weird to just suddenly put my hand back down, so I fake the rest of my yawn. Man, I really need to REALLY yawn, though! Maybe next time I’ll turn away from him as I bring up my hand. Ah, the drama!


2 Responses to “Bus post: fakin’ it”

  1. Are you posting from your iPhone?? How did you do that? I downloaded an app to do that but it never worked well.

    I like the new digs! I’m going to finally link you on my blog so I don’t forget where you are.

  2. Sorry for the late reply, Josie! So I was indeed posting from my iPhone, however, I’d read those bad reviews of the blog-posting apps, so I instead logged in via Safari and added the post that way. It’s not the easiest way to write/edit/post a blog, but in a pinch — and when you won’t be typing much — it gets the job done.

    Glad you’re liking the “digs” — I’m still checking in on your blog every now and again :o) Hopefully see you soon!

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