Pooja + pool = pee

Welcome to my first random-thought-on-the-bus post, predictably short as it’s not fun/easy to type in length on an iPhone, at least for me.

Anyway, I logged on to express my wonder at those folks who do one-hour lap swim (as I’ll be doing tonight) and are able to swill water during said hour. Even though I stop drinking anything around 4 p.m., go to the bathroom 4 times between 4 p.m. and when I get into the pool around 8 p.m. (before I leave work, after I get home, as I leave home for the pool and at the pool), I still get a violent urge to pee within about 20 minutes of jumping in. And it’s not like I’m doing a lot of drinking up until 4 p.m.! Thankfully, I’m usually able to hold my pee until after my post-swim shower, but there’ve been a couple times when I’ve had to go straight from the pool to the potty. When one is wearing a triathlon-style suit as I do, that is not so fun! There’s just too much wet fabric to wrangle..

2 Responses to “Pooja + pool = pee”

  1. fightingreality Says:

    I swear it’s psychological, because that happens to me when I’m getting ready to go somewhere or even get to bed. I’ll stop drinking water an hour before bed, will pee 5 minutes before getting into bed and as soon as my butt hits the mattress I think “do I… doI… damn!” This afternoon, I stopped drinking water an hour before leaving work so I wouldn’t have to use it before running for the shuttle. So I use the restroom 15 minutes before leaving and I just couldn’t do it. Just as I approached the sliding doors, my body made a bee line for the restroom (which are conveniently right there). I mean, what the heck? Why can’t I will myself to hold it? It’s really annoying. I totally empathize.

  2. Haha, I have that same night problem too! It helps if I stop drinking (anything) probably closer to two or three hours before bedtime.

    The pool thing, though, that’s gotta be all physical. I mean, last Thursday, I was literally shifting from leg to leg while taking my shower, trying to hold off the urge until I was done cleaning up.

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