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Bus post: fakin’ it

Posted in Uncategorized on September 16, 2010 by poojaland

Due to the rain (and it being rush hour in Western Washington), my bus home was about 10 min. late to arrive at my stop, and now we’re only halfway back when we’d usually be there. Anyway, it’s been a long and stressful week (and will be so into Saturday), so I’m pretty wiped. A couple times now, I’ve started to yawn, and have thus put my hand over my mouth (no one needs to smell my mouth stank), but every time do, the guy sitting to my left looks over, and I suddenly lose the urge to yawn. But.. then I feel weird to just suddenly put my hand back down, so I fake the rest of my yawn. Man, I really need to REALLY yawn, though! Maybe next time I’ll turn away from him as I bring up my hand. Ah, the drama!

Protected: Screeeech!

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Bedroom mojo?

Posted in Uncategorized on September 12, 2010 by poojaland

Can you tell what side of the bed I sleep on??

For the first time ever, I now have two nightstands. The main reason I didn’t have two before was always due to space constraints, but now, in my condo, I have a pretty huge¬† bedroom. I saw this cute nightstand on sale at Target last week — interestingly, it’s marketed as kids’ furniture, I have no idea why — so I decided, after nearly four years of living in my condo — to pick up two nightstands. I put them together over the course of the weekend, and finally just set them both up. (Yes, I have a lot of lotions and body sprays and stuff — I’m still arranging everything. I’m thinking it’s maybe not the best idea to have hand lotion on the “guy’s” side of my bed.)

Just kidding ... maybe

So, who knows, maybe adding the nightstand will give me some bedroom mojo. I even had the thought of sticking an unused toothbrush and toothpaste in there, haha. But then I laughed at myself and took both items out (or did I ….?). By the way, I do have a side of the bed I always sleep on, but it’s not because the side is right vs. left — I always sleep on the side closest to the door. I’m sure there’s some psychoanalyzing to be done there..

Pooja + pool = pee

Posted in Uncategorized on September 9, 2010 by poojaland

Welcome to my first random-thought-on-the-bus post, predictably short as it’s not fun/easy to type in length on an iPhone, at least for me.

Anyway, I logged on to express my wonder at those folks who do one-hour lap swim (as I’ll be doing tonight) and are able to swill water during said hour. Even though I stop drinking anything around 4 p.m., go to the bathroom 4 times between 4 p.m. and when I get into the pool around 8 p.m. (before I leave work, after I get home, as I leave home for the pool and at the pool), I still get a violent urge to pee within about 20 minutes of jumping in. And it’s not like I’m doing a lot of drinking up until 4 p.m.! Thankfully, I’m usually able to hold my pee until after my post-swim shower, but there’ve been a couple times when I’ve had to go straight from the pool to the potty. When one is wearing a triathlon-style suit as I do, that is not so fun! There’s just too much wet fabric to wrangle..