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My first paparazzi pic

Posted in Uncategorized on August 26, 2010 by poojaland

Last weekend, M.G., her boyfriend and I had plans to meet up to see “The Switch” at a movie theater by my house. M and A got there early, so they plopped down by a concession stand inside the theater — and right by a window — to wait for me. They happened to then look out the window and see me crossing the street. Just as I would’ve done, M pulled out her phone and snapped a pic of me, then sent it to me, with the text “We see you.” I don’t know why, but I find the pic hilarious. It’s sort of morbid too, like “Pooja was last seen crossing the street near a movie theater in north Seattle”..

In other news, the theater had freakin’ long-ass straws!