Fun iPhone (4) app

How fun is this app?! It’s called the IncrediBooth, and it’s by the folks who made the Hipstamatic iPhone appp. It lets you make photo-booth style strips of photos. The hitch is that it currently only works on the iPhone 4, and only uses the front-facing camera. It costs $0.99 (the App Store gift card you gave me for my birthday is truly the gift that keeps giving, M.G. :o)). There are three filter settings, and the app takes four pictures in succession just like those fun photo booths. Get more on the app here. Click the image to the right to enlarge it.

Friends, watch out, I’m gonna be firing this app up the next time we each hang out! It’s minutes of entertainment!

4 Responses to “Fun iPhone (4) app”

  1. But can you use it for passport photos…? j/k I’ll be ready for my close up when we meet for Nasai and Bubble Tea. Bring it!

  2. Haha, yeah really! And thanks! We’ll definitely need to give the app a whirl tonight, it’s so much fun! See you in a few hours!

  3. fightingreality Says:

    you need to post our pic!

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