Lemon-flavored…cod liver oil??

Surprisingly delicious!

I was at Costco on Sunday with my dad, mainly to get a new vacuum cleaner. He needed something in the vitamin section, so we wandered over there en route to the cashier. On the end of one of the aisles, a lady was giving out samples of a cod-liver oil supplement. My dad grew up taking the liquid form of cod-liver oil (insert gag), and has recently returned to the habit (insert gag and wince). The lady was hawking a liquid form of the oil, supposedly disguised as “lemon meringue” flavored. My dad immediately rushed over to give the stuff a try, then came over to where I was waiting with the cart and said “Pooja, you have to try this!” I was already turned off by the mere mention of any kind of fish oil (I don’t eat any kind of seafood, and the smell is one of the big reasons why), so I shook my head and started walking to a check-out line. Dad: “Hang on! OK, here, just try it.” Since he’d been nice enough to go get me a sample, I hesitantly tried the bright yellow, pudding-like substance. Let me tell you — I took my time tasting and swallowing the stuff, trying really hard to taste anything fishy. To my surprise, I couldn’t pinpoint a fish taste at all — the supplement honestly tasted very much like lemon-meringue-pie filling! The bottle was on sale, so I went ahead and tossed one into my cart. I think it ended up being $18 for the bottle, which has 67 servings. As a non-seafood-eater, I know it’s good to get in some Omega-3 vitamins in another way. This stuff neatly does the trick! Plus, I believe the supplement is even sugar free.

I highly recommend y’all check it out if you’re in a Costco soon — especially those of you with kids, as this is a super sneaky way to get them some good vitamins. It’s by Nature’s Fresh, and unfortunately, their Web site appears to be under construction as I type. Oh, and the supplement can be taken with or without food, and needs to be refrigerated. Good stuff!

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