iPhone (4) home

So I guess my last post was a bit of a tease, as it’s now been a couple weeks since I got my new iPhone. There are reviews a plenty on the Interwebs, so I’ll just say that for me, it’s a great device, and a pretty awesome upgrade from the 3G. It’s still not perfect, in my opinion, but they did add in a lot of features I’d been wanting. All in all, then: Two thumbs up!

And on that note, thanks to Gizmodo’s Apps of the Week, I discovered the Chase app. And, if you can even wrap your head around this, I just deposited a check from my living room! I kid you not! The process involved photographing and submitting a photo (set against a dark background) of both the front and back of the endorsed check. Apparently the system couldn’t read the check fully, as I then had to enter in the routing and account number of the check. And then, voila! Deposit made, all from the comfort of my living room! Now if only the phone could act as an ATM and spit out cash withdrawals… Maybe with the iPhone 5. Get more on the app here.

In other news, our long-delayed summer has finally arrived, though it’s been hot, hot, hot the past couple days — in the ’90s! Ugh! Thankfully, the heat will start to ease as of tonight. I think temps in the mid-70s would be just perfect!


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