iPhone 4: T-minus 7 days

So I happened to be one of the lucky few (or, I think 600,000, the Interwebs are saying?) who managed to successfully preorder an iPhone 4 when preorders opened up Tuesday. I say that casually, because this was NOT an easy task!! I first tried via Apple.com around 9:30 p.m. PT Monday, thinking maybe since it was after midnight ET, I could get in. However, either the site was geofenced and didn’t show me the “Preorder” button, or else the option simply wasn’t available to anyone.

Got in to work around 8:45 Tuesday morning. Got back onto Apple.com, entered my phone number and then the system began trying to access the AT&T database to confirm my upgrade eligibility. I sat there and stared at the lovely spinning wheel, until a couple minutes later, I got an error message saying it was unable to process my request at that time. Tried again…same result. Long story short, I tried to preorder the phone via my secondary desktop computer about every 15-20 minutes while my main desktop was executing a task or saving a file or something (my main computer is five years old, so I’m often waiting for it to do something!). Mid-day, no result. I pulled up some of the tech Web sites, and they reported that most other prospective preorderees were having the same issue — even trying to order from an AT&T bricks-and-mortar store was either unsuccessful or very time-consuming.

Finally, at 4 p.m., I was able to submit my order. And thank goodness — for one thing, AT&T apparently ran out of their allotment at 1:30 p.m. And a co-worker of mine submitted his preorder Tuesday night, and was told the phone wouldn’t arrive until at least a week after its official launch (I double-checked my order status on Apple.com this morning, and it thankfully still says my phone will arrive on launch day, next Thursday the 24th). Apparently now, if you preorder a phone, the delivery date isn’t until July 14 (more here). Don’t know what I would’ve done if I’d had to wait longer than the 24th! Though, of course, there’s always that possibility that the phone will be delayed anyway.

It’s all kind of silly, I mean, I’ve had my current iPhone for a year and a half now, but I’d gotten used to upgrading my phone once a year, so I’m a bit overdue! Plus, I just can’t wait for all those cool new features. Due to the Apple.com order-confirmation page saying a signature is required for delivery of the phone, I’m even going to work from home next Thursday so I can be there to receive it (unless, of course, I discover the delivery will be late).

Let the countdown begin!


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