Birthday weekend, Part 1

So I turned 32 yesterday. Turning 31 last year thankfully will keep me a bit numb until I hit 35, when I’ll then start feeling the panic of being on the down slope to 40! Anyway, dramatics aside, it was a really great weekend. The weather, which has been, as I mentioned in my last post, sucktackular, finally took what all we Seattleites hope was a turn into summer — it was in the 70s and gorgeous. I took advantage of the weather, getting in some tennis yesterday morning with my sis. Then we ended up spending the rest of the day together. We headed to the University District to swing by my favorite bubble-tea place (not that I need an excuse to go there every week already!), and then on the way back home, swung by a local fire house that was having an open house, as it’d just opened. We knew the festivities had started at 1, and though it was 3:30 by the time we pulled up, we thought we might still be able to take in some eye candy (read: fire fighters). There were a few people milling about outside the garage, but it was unclear as to whether we could walk into the station or what. Just then, a fire fighter started walking by us with some piece of equipment, and my sister oh-so-graciously asked him, “So, is this thing done, then?” He said “Yep!” Bummer!

Next, we hit the road to the east side of town to help my parents out with a concert. Stuck around for maybe an hour, and then we headed back to my neighborhood to grab some dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants, so I could get my beloved Mongolian Tofu (one star, with brown rice). The manager and I are friendly now — I go there once a month or so — so when he came by to say hello, I made sure to casually get in, “Oh, it’s actually my birthday!” Alas, I didn’t get anything special, though, as my sis and I were leaving with our leftovers, he gave us each one of the chocolate-covered fortune cookies they sell for $1. Fancy!

The rest of the night was really mellow. We just chilled on the couch and watched “The Rocker,” which was actually not too bad, thanks to local boy Rainn Wilson playing the lead character.

Today was more mellow.. did some light house cleaning, watched “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” (I’m cringing a bit as I type that, but I have Blockbuster online rentals, so it’s not like I went to the store and picked it out! it actually wasn’t *too* bad)  made food for tonight’s Sunday Night Dinner (deep-fried tofu with a delicious peanut dipping sauce) and then went to Sunday Night Dinner. That was a relaxing — and fun and satisfying — way to wrap up the weekend, as it is every month. Jen, our host, made a delicious two-layer chocolate-berry-whipped-cream-shortcake for us to enjoy, which I decided she’d made as a birthday cake for me, hope she doesn’t mind my thinking that ;o)

Now, I’ve just finished up the fun process of writing up my annual review for work. Just when you’ve written it, submitted it and sat back and relaxed, a few months go by and it’s time for mid-year reviews!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to Part 2 of my birthday, which will be an outing with the girls next weekend. Here’s hoping the weather cooperates then as well!


One Response to “Birthday weekend, Part 1”

  1. I don’t mind Pooja! I was glad to provide a birthday cake for the birthday girl. :-)

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