“i” can’t resist

iPhone 4 (pic courtesy of Endgadget). Click the link for Endgadget's story on the phoneI’ve had an iPhone 3G since October 2008. I skipped upgrading to the iPhone 3GS last summer on the recommendations of some technophile friends (“Wait until next year, they’ll have more and better features”) — the main upgrades on the 3GS I cared about were the slightly better camera, video-taking ability and compass. I’m glad I waited, as the recently announced iPhone 4 is truly with upgrading to. My main complaint with the 3G is the super crappy camera: It has no flash, no focus (auto or otherwise), no zoom, no lighting controls … it was basically a flash-less point-and-shoot. But now, on the iPhone 4, the resolution is bumped up to 5 MP from something like 2, there’s a flash, plus focus and zoom. Really annoying how Apple was able to get away with withholding those features until the fourth iteration of the iPhone — the HTC Evo has an 8 MP camera! And even my Sony Ericsson phone from a couple years back had a flash and zoom controls.

Anyway, I think I’m going to take the leap and preorder my phone next week. And then eagerly count down the days until the phone officially comes out on June 24. Make no mistake — I’m most decidedly and proudly NOT an Apple fangirl. But for me, right now, the iPhone just fits most of what I want and need in a phone.


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