The saga of … bedding

Sorry for the radio silence!

I haven’t had not enough or too much going on — I’ve just been even lazier than usual! However, I thought you all might enjoy hearing all about my latest saga. So … Back in 2000, soon after I moved to L.A. for a few years (while I was in grad school), I decide to graduate from the traditional bedding set up of a comforter/sheets/pillowcases to duvet/sheets/shams. I figured this would be an easy way to periodically switch up my bedding by buying new duvet sets, and on top of that, duvet covers are easier to store than comforters. As a bonus, they’re also a lot easier to wash. However, I didn’t realize just how expensive duvet covers — not even duvet sets that include the shams — can be (hold this thought).

Roxy "Flirt" bedding

A couple years back, I decided to get some new bedding, as my current duvet set, which was a originally a very vibrant and colorful striped pattern, had started fading. Pretty early on in my shopping mission, I came across a great set by Roxy at Bed, Bath and Beyond. And, awesomely, all of the bedding was on clearance! So I think I got all the various pieces for less than $100. At right is the bedding set I got (it’s not readily available any more, so I’m posting the best shot I was able to find). You can’t see it in the picture, but the bedding set also had these really cute sheets, which were white with small green and blue dots.

Anyway, the bedding looked great, and made my bedroom look very colorful. However… I soon discovered that this particular set, which was nearly 100% polyester, was not suited for a household in which there’s a cat who isn’t shy about hopping on to the bed (and, in fact, sleeps on the bed every night, nearly the whole night). Problem is, Buster’s nails catch on the material, and then cause noticeable snags. I was so bummed when I saw what was going on! The material of the duvet wasn’t even a consideration when I was shopping around.

So, despite the snags, I stuck with the bedding for another few months, but finally, about a month ago (I’m thinking 8-9 months after buying the Roxy bedding), I decided it was time to finally upgrade. My requirements: 1) the duvet cover needed to be 100% cotton; 2) the pattern needed to be somewhat colorful, but light enough to not noticeably show Buster’s hair, which ranges from white to red.

With those points in mind, I began my mission. However, I was not as lucky this time around. And, to my dismay, I discovered that the duvet covers I was liking — mostly at Macy’s — were upwards of $150-$250 — just for the duvet cover itself! I did a little bit of shopping around online, but I’m one of those people who likes to see things in person and touch them, etc., so that didn’t get me very far.

Kas "Camila" bedding from Bed, Bath and Beyond

Long story short, after visiting two Macy’s stores, Target, Ross and Bed, Bath and Beyond, I finally decided on a set at the latter store. Even with a 20% off coupon, the duvet cover set me back (“only”) $80. Then, I was a bit shocked to discover that the shams were $40 each. Really, they’re nearly the cost of the duvet?! And why are they sold one-per-package? Not sure why anyone would buy just the duvet and no (0r one, unless your bed is a twin) sham(s), but … whatever. To the left is the bed set I finally went with, Camila by Kas. There’s more white to the set than I’d like — and the sheets I bought separately are white as well — which means more frequent washing, but on the other hand, Buster’s hair won’t show as easily, and I really do like the pattern of the green leaves. Cost aside, I was really surprised how hard, during all my shopping, it was to simply find a duvet-cover pattern that I liked. Seems like so many of the covers had silly flower or plaid patterns, or were some strange material like denim. But, for now, I’m pleased with what I ended up buying. And a few weeks later, everything’s holding up really well. Oh, and for the record — of the gazillion pillows shown in the photo, I only bought the two sham covers (see the pillow in front of the green euro sham on the left). I then bought a cheap(er) dark green pillow at Target that coordinates nicely with the entire set. The filled pillows are $30 or $40 each, and I’m just not quite willing to commit yet more money to this little quest..

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