I’ve decided that I have “tilted hips.” I say this because my left leg is just a little bit shorter — maybe a half inch, at the most — than my right. And I discovered that when looking into a mirror, if I raised my left heel that half inch, my hips looked “straight” and my knees aligned. This difference in length is especially apparent when I walk around outside in pants and it’s raining, as the hem on my left leg will get more wet than the one in the right. For visual proof, check out the snap below:

I took this after I got home from the Muse concert a week ago. It’s a self-photo, so it doesn’t do justice to the difference in hem-wetness (plus, I’d only walked maybe four blocks in light rain), but you can definitely see how the hem on the left is soaked a few inches worth, and the one on the right isn’t at all. A friend told me that her friend is having all kinds of back issues due to one of her legs being only one-eighth of an inch shorter than the other, so I think I might want to go see my doctor about this just in case. For now, however, I have no side effects — pun intended.

2 Responses to “Imbalance”

  1. You probably already know this, but I know that my right leg is 3 millimeters shorter than the left (bone length difference from x-rays). I have to stretch my hips out a lot to keep things as close in length as possible, otherwise my right leg feels a whole lot shorter than the left one sometimes. I used to have pretty annoying back pain, which led to shoulder and neck pain. I ended up seeing a podiatrist who watched me walk and recommended that I wear orthotics not just for the difference but because my feet are flat and they overpronate (roll inward). It made a world of difference, but it makes it challenging to find shoes that are flattering and can fit my orthotics. I like my podiatrist who is located next to U Village at the 5-corner intersection. If you want, I can give you his contact info.

  2. Whoa, I didn’t know it was only three millimeters! My length difference is more than that, as it’s visible to the naked eye (or mine, at least :o)). I’ve never had back pain that I can recall, though my pelvis does get this weird ache if I walk more than a couple miles on really flat ground (i.e., concrete). Good to know that’s the cause of some of your aches and pains — I’ll have to head to the doctor soon and get it checked out. I’m with Group Health, so I’m assuming I’ll see someone within their network, but I’ll definitely bug you about contact info for your doc if that’s not the case!

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