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Avocados…and ice cream!

Posted in Uncategorized on April 19, 2010 by poojaland

The ice cream gets a churnin' in my awesome Cuisinart ice-cream maker

I’ve always loved avocados. Plain, in sandwiches, in guacamole….I mean, even my cat eats avocado! But it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized the wide range of an avocado’s versatility — namely how they can be integrated into sweets and desserts. Who’d have thought?? The back story is that a few years back, I went with a friend to get some bubble tea down by the University (of Washington, in Seattle). She told me I had to try an avocado-milkshake flavored bubble tea. I made a facial expression I’m sure you are now, but I gamely said “Well, OK!” Turned out it was super delicious. However, it was also really rich so, for what would be the first and only time in my long history of bubble-tea addiction, I was unable to finish the entire drink. So the “Hmm, avocados can actually be sweet and creamy!” seed was planted.

… Fast-foward to last spring, when I bought an ice-cream maker at Costco. For one of my first batches of ice cream, I decided I needed to make avocado ice cream. I found a recipe online, and off I set. It was, of course, super delicious. I took it to a friends’ for them to sample (hi, Johanna!) and actually ended up turning them on to the awesomeness of avocado as well. This past weekend, I had a monthly dinner to attend, and had been given a not-too-subtle nudge to make and bring some ice cream (I say that with utmost affection, Jen!!). So… I decided to be even more creative and make avocado-coconut ice cream, combining two of my favorite fruits. Luckily, I had no problem finding a simple recipe online. I’m happy to report that this adventure had delicious results as well! It’s a little on the sweet side, so I may cut down the sugar next time, but overall, I’m really pleased. Plus, all my guinea pigs (dinner attendees and sister and her bf last night, plus a few co-workers this afternoon) enjoyed it as well. If I can track down some unsalted pistachios, I think those will be a great addition for my next batch (I just really like food with texture).

Avocados — not just for club sandwiches and guacamole!


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I’ve decided that I have “tilted hips.” I say this because my left leg is just a little bit shorter — maybe a half inch, at the most — than my right. And I discovered that when looking into a mirror, if I raised my left heel that half inch, my hips looked “straight” and my knees aligned. This difference in length is especially apparent when I walk around outside in pants and it’s raining, as the hem on my left leg will get more wet than the one in the right. For visual proof, check out the snap below:

I took this after I got home from the Muse concert a week ago. It’s a self-photo, so it doesn’t do justice to the difference in hem-wetness (plus, I’d only walked maybe four blocks in light rain), but you can definitely see how the hem on the left is soaked a few inches worth, and the one on the right isn’t at all. A friend told me that her friend is having all kinds of back issues due to one of her legs being only one-eighth of an inch shorter than the other, so I think I might want to go see my doctor about this just in case. For now, however, I have no side effects — pun intended.