The saga of… a cavity

Went to the dentist a few weeks back for one of my regular six-month check-ups. They took my yearly X-rays, and surprise! I somehow managed to get a cavity…under a filling! Yes, this is one of the many the silly, stupid things that happen to me! To give some explanatory back story — a year ago, I had a filling put in on a molar on the left side of my mouth. I still have a bit of pain if I’m chewing something hard/crunchy on that side of my mouth and hit a certain sweet spot. I did go back to the dentist for a check-up a few months after that left-side filling so he could try to fix things, but though he did some polishing and filing of my tooth — then, and again another few months later — I still do have occasional pain. Apparently the filling has led to a “bite-pattern adjustment,” and it will slooooowly get better over time.

Anyway, to counter that sore spot, I’ve been chewing food more on the right side of my mouth. And this cavity-under-the-existing filling that was discovered? Yeah, it’s on the right side of my mouth. So I explained this to the hygienist after she first pointed out the cavity on my X-ray. She said that was likely a factor, but mentioned that, bearing in mind I don’t drink a lot of sugary sodas, I could also have highly acidic saliva (or something), which could contribute to a cavity being more likely to form. She told me to start rinsing with ACT with flouride mouthwash to help with this.

So, I went to the dentist this past Friday to get the new filling put in. As I was leaving, I asked the nurse if she had any special instructions for me. She said to wait maybe an hour before eating, and also to be careful when I did eat, as if the numbing stuff hadn’t completely worn off, I was at risk to bite the inside of my cheek by accident. So I was done at the dentist around 3:30. 4:30…little hungry, still very numb. 5:30…hungrier, still numb. 6:30…STARVING, but still numb. 7…finally break down and try to carefully eat some Fig Newtons. The numbing solution finally was all worn off around 8:30. Come to find out that oops, I did bite the inside of my cheek at least a couple times. No pain yet, but I could feel a little raw area with my tongue. The next morning…yowsa! OUCH!

Now it’s Monday, and the little raw area is a very tender bump. So I’m now eating more on the left side of my mouth. I better get serious with the ACT mouthwash, or I’ll have another cavity-under-a-filling on that side to match!!


3 Responses to “The saga of… a cavity”

  1. lol Pooja, I was having intense pain in my mouth by one of my bridges last May. I went to the dentist my bridge had been hiding a cavity! So, in June at 8 months pregnant I had to undergo a root canal that also removed said bridge. Now I have a spacer in my mouth until I get an implant! :-P

  2. I am a frequent cheek and lip biter! When my cheek is numb after a filling, I hook my cheek and pull it away from my teeth and try to chew food. It’s kind of gross, but I can’t wait. Grr! fillings :(

  3. Oh man, Jen, I can’t imagine getting a root canal while being so pregnant!! And now you have to get an “implant”?! Oh my! Hope you’re at least out of pain by now, though. I haven’t endured the fun of getting a root canal, but I had two impacted wisdom teeth that were removed in 1997, after which I had nearly every problem in the book (“dry socket,” lots of swelling and tenderness in my jaw, an abscess, infection …) and couldn’t eat normally for over a month. Ugh!

    Marivic, I am too! Plus, if I’m daydreaming while brushing my teeth and my electric toothbrush slips and hits the inside of my cheek, it often turns into yet another fun, painful bump. I wish I’d known about your little trick a week ago — gross as it would’ve been, it would’ve saved me this past week of pain! Luckily, my sore spot is easing up now, so I can carefully/slowly eat on both sides of my mouth now. You live and you learn…and now I know!!

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