Feb. 14…why does that date ring a bell?!

Another year, another Valentine’s Day … I must admit that one of these years, I’d like to actually do something with a boy on the occasion, cheesy as said occasion is!! Alas, none of my various short-lived “relationships” have occurred during that time of year. So instead, the day is an annual excuse to round up some single gals and hit the town. This year, the lucky two ladies were Kristen and her friend ML, whom I’d never met. We decided to check out one of Tom Douglas’ (most well-known local chef/restaurateur) restaurants, Palace Kitchen. While we were waiting in the lobby, Douglas himself came out to greet some folks he knew at a table right next to us. That’s a pretty big celeb sighting in Seattle!

Our dinner, while a bit pricey, was definitely worth the splurge. And we of course followed it with a slice of coconut-cream pie, which is AMAZING, and I believe served at all of T.D.’s restaurants (I think he has five here in town). We’d been intending to head to a bar for some socializing after dinner, but we all three got along so well (yes, we mostly talked about boys!) that when we finally took a second to do a time check, we were shocked to discover it was 11:15 p.m. — we’d met at the restaurant at 7:30! On top of that, ML had been up since 5:30 for work, it was pouring rain, and the main drag of downtown Seattle with the good bars was enough blocks away that we’d have had to cab there and back or deal with finding parking over there (always tough on a Saturday night). So we all parted ways with the promise to schedule another girls’ night out and be sure to make it to a bar or two.

So it was a really, really great V’s Day. Sure, I didn’t spend it with a special someone — but hey, I spent it with TWO special someones!

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