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Now on WordPress!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 28, 2010 by poojaland

Well, Poojaland now has a new home on WordPress. I’d been thinking about making the switch for some time now, due to WP’s more varied features, functions, etc., but only finally got around to opening an account and transferring over my Blogger posts just this weekend. So…welcome! Again! Oh, and if you’re one of my real-life friends and hit the “password-protected” speed bump on one of my posts, just shoot me an e-mail and I’ll hook you up.

Sorry in advance for some of the funky formatting (especially in regards to posts that include pictures) — obviously some of that got messed up in translation!

Let the fun continue!

My name is Pooja, and I’m addicted to socks

Posted in clothes on February 24, 2010 by poojaland

I love socks. I don’t know if it’s the germophobe in me or what, but except for those handful of super-warm Seattle summer days, you’ll find me in socks, both inside and outside of my home. I think it also has to do with my love of being cozy and comfortable, which usually equals wearing layers on my upper half (I wear tank tops nearly year-round), lots of fleece around the house and jeans and T-shirts. I even sleep with socks on, though on warmer nights, I’ll pull off the socks after a little bit (I should note that I don’t ever have the heat on in my bedroom, except for a few minutes right before bed during the fall and winter). My current favorite type of sock is a knee-high sock by SmartWool. I have several pairs of hiking socks by them, but I’ve recently also picked up some more casual/trendy pairs. I even got a pair of snowboarding socks by them in advance of my trip last November, and wore them quite often during my travels. They’re great worn inside boots!

This whole sock thing came into my mind because yesterday, I wore some high-top Converse boots with knee-high socks, and then realized once I got to the gym and started changing that I’d forgotten to pack gym socks — oops! I was tempted to make a fashion statement and wear my knee-highs anyway (see picture, which I took after I got home; and yes, I don’t really have any calf muscles!!), but in the end, I just went commando. That set up wasn’t very comfortable right off, and was even less comfortable 15 minutes into my 40-minute turn on the elliptical, but I usually wear “no-show” socks to the gym, so I at least didn’t feel self-conscious about being obviously sock-less.

I was a bit late finishing up my work out, so I didn’t have time to put my socks back on before I headed out of the gym to the bus stop. Soon as I got to the bus stop and found out via my OneBusAway iPhone app that I still had some 10 minutes before the bus arrived, I immediately pulled off my shoes, let my feet air out for a minute and pulled my socks back on (oh, and I was alone at said bus stop..). Call me weird, but putting on socks is one of my favorite things to do! So I nearly sighed out loud in relief when I put my feet back into my tennis shoes, with the socks on. Ahh!

Feb. 14…why does that date ring a bell?!

Posted in random on February 15, 2010 by poojaland

Another year, another Valentine’s Day … I must admit that one of these years, I’d like to actually do something with a boy on the occasion, cheesy as said occasion is!! Alas, none of my various short-lived “relationships” have occurred during that time of year. So instead, the day is an annual excuse to round up some single gals and hit the town. This year, the lucky two ladies were Kristen and her friend ML, whom I’d never met. We decided to check out one of Tom Douglas’ (most well-known local chef/restaurateur) restaurants, Palace Kitchen. While we were waiting in the lobby, Douglas himself came out to greet some folks he knew at a table right next to us. That’s a pretty big celeb sighting in Seattle!

Our dinner, while a bit pricey, was definitely worth the splurge. And we of course followed it with a slice of coconut-cream pie, which is AMAZING, and I believe served at all of T.D.’s restaurants (I think he has five here in town). We’d been intending to head to a bar for some socializing after dinner, but we all three got along so well (yes, we mostly talked about boys!) that when we finally took a second to do a time check, we were shocked to discover it was 11:15 p.m. — we’d met at the restaurant at 7:30! On top of that, ML had been up since 5:30 for work, it was pouring rain, and the main drag of downtown Seattle with the good bars was enough blocks away that we’d have had to cab there and back or deal with finding parking over there (always tough on a Saturday night). So we all parted ways with the promise to schedule another girls’ night out and be sure to make it to a bar or two.

So it was a really, really great V’s Day. Sure, I didn’t spend it with a special someone — but hey, I spent it with TWO special someones!

Protected: Augh!

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The dude abides

Posted in Uncategorized on February 5, 2010 by poojaland

I was a bit amused — and somewhat disconcerted — to realize recently that I’m starting to show the signs of hanging out with nearly only guys at work. These guys are all really good pals whom I’ve known now for anywhere from two to five-plus years (one of them was my office mate for four years), and are all about my age and married. It’s not as if there are a ton of ladies on my team to begin with, but for some reason, though said ladies and I are friendly around the halls, we don’t actually spend much social time during the work day (i.e., going to lunch together). Of my three closest guy pals at work, only one of them and I hang out occasionally outside the office, and that’s often with his awesome wife too (hey, Dr. Pistachio!). You’d think that it’d be a wealth of knowledge being imparted to me, the single girl, on a daily basis by these guys, but though they always gamely listen to my whines or ravings about this guy or that guy, they’re sort of lacking in the advice department. When I was heading to an event one night where a guy I was kinda interested in would be there, E said “Don’t dress like a tramp.” D’s advice in general to me was, “Dress sluttier.” I’ve also been advised to randomly sit in cute guys’ laps (which made me think of your constant advice, Julie!!), go up to him and take off my shirt, and all other manner of eye-roll-inducing suggestions. I really should write these nuggets down as the guys hand them out!

Getting to my earlier point, though, I’ve realized that I’ve started using the word “dude” a lot, and dressing even more casually. My standard uniform these days is a T-shirt, zip-up hoodie, blue jeans and Converse sneakers. Of course, bear in mind here that my entire work day is spent mostly at my desk, working on my computer. Plus, I take the bus, and walk to and from the bus stop. So it’s not really logical to wear anything with heels or even anything dressy. I’m always a little cold around the office, so I need some layers, and pretty much all Microsoftees dress just as casually as I do. However, after my little revelation, I’m trying to make more of an effort to dress a little more flatteringly (if that’s a word) once or twice a week. That may mean wearing flats and a nice shirt instead of Chuck Taylor’s and a tee, or longer jeans with low-ish heeled, comfortable boots. One just never knows whom one might run into ’round the halls … I actually got hit on (in my opinion) by a random cute guy in the elevator earlier this week! I’m hoping it’s a sign that my luck in the love department is finally turning the tide …