Yes, I’m one of ‘those’ girls …

… and am a HUGE “Sex and the City” fan! Sure, last year’s movie definitely had some slow/expendable parts, but even after seeing it in the theater, I’ve since watched it at least 10 times on DVD. A friend gave me the DVD for my birthday last year, and I ended up buying the Blu-ray version just last week.

Anyway, “Sex and the City 2” will be coming out next year. Don’t know much about the plot lines, but you can bet I’ll be seeing it soon after its release! The first trailer (just a teaser) came out yesterday:

Video: ‘Sex and the City 2’ Trailer

Can’t WAIT!

2 Responses to “Yes, I’m one of ‘those’ girls …”

  1. oh no! I can happily still say I have never watched any of it. :-)

  2. I am so excited too! :) I'd go see it with you if I was in Seattle…instead I've gotta hope that it'll be playing in Alma…but I would drive an hour to get to another theater to see it! Yay! :)

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