The cousins

The other night, as we were eating a delicious paneer dinner, U, A and I decided to pose for some self-photos. Here they are, for your enjoyment…

1. I somehow got caught mid-chew, and with my ponytail swinging. U must’ve sensed this, and this was chuckling at me??

2. A goes to reset the timer on the camera, and decides to snap a surprise pic of us in the meantime. This is our fun, new tradition! (And yet, yes, it still caught me unawares.)

3. Finally, success!


2 Responses to “The cousins”

  1. Is your cousin from your mom's side? There is definitely some family resemblance going on!

  2. Wow, look at you, Ms. Anthropologist :o) Yep, she's my mom's sister's daughter (and my mom and her sister look very alike).

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