The fleecing of … me

I hit up yet another REI sale last night (one of their best ones, as they have a bunch of stuff on sale, plus any clearance items with a price ending in $0.83 are an additional 50% off!) and one of the items I picked up was…yet another fleece. You see, I have a huge love affair with fleece. It’s so cozy and warm, and on top of that, the wicking properties make it great for outdoor activities. Plus, fleeces come in many “strengths” and varieties (lightweight hoodies, thick jackets, wind-blocking jackets), so they’re extremely versatile.

Anyway, my latest pickup was a lightweight, light grey REI-brand zip-up hoodie. And this morning, it got me to wondering just how many fleece jackets I own. I’m in the office today, so I can’t go to my closet to verify, but for sure, I know I have at least 13 fleece jackets. Yes, 13 — I made a list! All but one of them are either by REI, The North Face or Helly Hansen. The colors range across the rainbow, though interestingly, I skipped orange and green. Good thing I hadn’t noted that *before* I went to REI last night! I don’t wear a lot of orange in general, but I do like green, so that may have to be the next fleece I pick up…some day.

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