Sleepwear dilemma: Solved!

So nighttime is a bit of a weird time for me.. I’m usually tired by that time of the day (about 11 p.m.-ish on weeknights), so I’m eager to get some shuteye, but I have somewhat chronic insomina, so I also kind of dread bedtime because I probably won’t actually fall asleep for several more hours (and getting up will be a drag). Another issue I’ve had to deal with? What to wear. Yes, an odd topic to blog about, but it was on my mind recently, during one of said chronic-insomniac moments (and also because it’s an issue I’ve finally recently resolved!).

Anyway, after getting a new duvet cover a couple years back, I had a solution to my bed-covers issue. I now sleep under just a flat sheet and the duvet. In the summer, I usually turn on a fan, and I sometimes kick off the duvet (but not always, because 1) I quickly miss the feeling of that heavy cover, even if I’m warm, and 2) Buster, my cat, will often attack me — no clue why), but otherwise, I’m good with that set up year-round. Clothing-wise, in the colder months, I generally wear a thin pair of baggy flannel pants and a thin T-shirt (that switches to a tank and shorts as it gets warmer). However, because I toss and turn so much before I fall asleep, I’ve recently been getting very annoyed with having to readjust after each toss/turn — I have to restraighten the pants so the seam is centered, and/or pull up the waistband, and or pull down my T-shirt, etc. I solved part of this problem by tucking the T into the pants’ waistband. But it still wasn’t a quite perfect outfit.

Then.. last weekend, I was leafing through the Sunday Target ad, and saw that they had leggings on sale for $5 each. A light went off in my head. I picked some up earlier this week, and I’m happy to say I now have my nearly perfect cool-weather sleeping gear: a thin T-shirt tucked into the leggings. The snugness of the leggings keep anything inside (underwear + tucked-in T) from moving, so I don’t have to do any readjusting as I toss and turn my way to oblivion. Of course, there’s no way I’d want anyone to see me in the oh-so-attractive getup, but it’s so nice to be that comfortable at night!

OK, so I know no one out there really cared about my latest life “drama,” but there you go!

P.S.: My true latest life drama has been the death of my laptop (which is the one bought for me by my work, but also doubles as my home computer). Yes, I lead an exciting life, people! The silver lining is that I’ve got a new, cherry red Sony VAIO laptop en route to me as a replacement. Can’t wait.


2 Responses to “Sleepwear dilemma: Solved!”

  1. You could just sleep in the buff, you know ;) I have to say, it frees one of the seem issue (I hate that, too. Even my undershirts do that!).

  2. Oh man, I’m WAY too modest — yes, even in my own company — to sleep clothes-free! Haha, but thanks for the suggestion :o) The leggings/tucked-in T solution continues to work great for me, though I might have to find some slim-fitting shorts to wear during warmer nights..

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