The journey to Poojaland

Every couple months, I pop onto SiteMeter to look over the details of who all is visiting Poojaland, and how they arrived here. I’d say the bulk of PL visitors are friends of mine in real life, but there are a decent amount of folks who come by via Internet searches (almost all through Google). BTW, a lot of folks searched on REI-related phrases (“REI backpack,” “REI sale”) — and I saw by looking at IP addresses that some folks *at* REI were also looking at my blog (thanks!); I didn’t realize I mentioned the place so much :o) Obviously, I’m a huge fan.

Anyway, here, in no particular order, are the best — and most head-scratching — phrases people searched on that led them to Poojaland. A lot of people were just in and out of PL, once they realized they didn’t find exactly what they were looking for. But as I know so well from working in the world of online publishing: A click’s a click!

1. “Buyer’s guilt”

2. “That’s what she said in Wikipedia”

3. “Addicted to bandaid”

4. “Longest that’s what she said”

5. “I want forgo sex”

6. “Squat in the woods”

7. “Is Mary Roach a believer of god”

8. “Enjoy sex bus” (my second favorite)

9. “Chicken necks fresh Seattle (my favorite — hilarious!!)”

2 Responses to “The journey to Poojaland”

  1. man, your readers are WEIRD!

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