Mmm, Baconnaise! Genius!

Was taking a break from work to get my weekly dose of Savage Love in the Onion, and spied an A.V. Club Taste Test product I just have to try: Baconnaise. As most of my friends know, I’m a fan of all things bacon (I even have an “I love bacon” pin), so this is right up my alley. According to the makers’ Web site, their products are available at QFCs and Albertsons, so I’ll have to go on a pilgrimage next time I need groceries so I can pick this up. As an added bonus, all their bacon-related condiments (which include Bacon Salts and bacon-flavored lip balms [which may be too much, even for me]) are vegetarian and kosher! Of course, I’m a purist in that I’d just rather have real bacon in my food, but this is a good option for when one wants to eat healthier or doesn’t want to deal with preparing/cooking bacon.

If you want to read the A.V. Club’s review of Baconnaise, click here.

Can’t wait!!

One Response to “Mmm, Baconnaise! Genius!”

  1. o-m-g…..YUCK

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