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When an iPhone becomes a party saver

Posted in iphone on November 25, 2008 by poojaland

So on Saturday evening, I headed south to Mt. Baker for my friend/co-worker Ben’s annual Grand Autumn Gathering (he makes some homebrew in its honor). I’d been to Ben’s once before, but it was several months ago, so I used Yahoo! to give me driving directions and wrote them down. They looked a bit more complicated than I remembered, but I’d entered Ben’s address correctly, so I just shrugged it off.

Once I got off I-90, I took a few turns off Rainier Blvd. After I’d gone several miles, I suddenly came upon the on-ramp to the West Seattle Bridge. Yikes! I’d obviously gone waaay off course. So I pulled over and fired up the Maps program on my iPhone. It pinpointed my location, and then I entered Ben’s address, and it mapped my route to his house. I made a U-turn and was on my way, keeping my phone in one hand so I could turn it as I followed the route (the little pin that marked my location moved in real time on the map). I was even able to improvise a bit when the route dead-ended on a road that was closed for construction.

Finally, about 30 minutes after I’d intended to show up, I made it to Ben’s for the party. Yay for the iPhone! And yay for Ben’s party!