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Windy city for a day

Posted in Weather on October 6, 2008 by poojaland

Late Saturday morning, I peered out the window to see trees bending back and forth, and leaves blowing all over. I’d thought it was going to be a relatively mild (well, rain-free) weekend, and though it wasn’t raining, the wind looked pretty intense. I could even hear the whir of it from a couple feet from the window.

Anyhow, my day was pretty open, so I pulled my hair into a ponytail, topped it with a baseball cap, and put on one of my two awesome North Face Windwall jackets and some comfy tennis shoes, and hopped the bus to the U District.

Several times, I felt like I was in a wind tunnel; I even had to slam a hand on my head to keep my hat from taking flight. Loose pages of the Stranger (a local alternative newspaper) were blowing around by the traffic lights at one intersection I waited at. At one point, I walked past a guy who was approaching his parked car with two 10-12″ pizza boxes and some other assorted stuff in his hands. He set the boxes on his trunk so he could pull out his keys. I’d nearly walked past his car when I heard a thud, followed by “F*CK!” I casually looked back, and only saw one pizza box sitting on his trunk. I couldn’t see to the far side of his car to see if one of the pizzas had been ejected from its box, but gauging by the strength of that “F*CK!” I’m guessing it did. Sorry, dude!