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Strange sightings

Posted in random on September 5, 2008 by poojaland

This sign has recently popped onto most Metro buses; it shows a scary, stretched-skin hand and long, red fingernails. I’m not sure why the folks who made the poster couldn’t have just used a picture of a REAL hand?? I almost feel like it should actually say “Hold on! The being with this hand has been snatching humans off Metro buses just like this one. Don’t be her next victim!”

While I was waiting for a bus earlier this week, this guy got off another bus and then sat on a nearby bench. On first glance, I thought “Hmm, not bad,” but then … I looked down. Wearing Crocs is one thing, but wearing hot-pink ones? When you’re a guy?? (I snapped the pic while pretending to make a phone call.)

There’s a family of raccoons hanging around my complex. One night, I was getting out of my car; I turned around as I was hefting a bag and saw a raccoon by the front door of my building. I stood there staring at him for a minute, and then he started ambling toward me. I got nervous and jumped back into my car (when he was about 12 feet from me) until he wandered off.

Last weekend, I saw four raccoons in my complex’s back yard; they were actually really cute — rolling around, grooming, playing..