Band-Aid addiction and a scary mannequin

Hello. My name is Pooja and I’m an addict … a Band-Aid addict.

Yes, it’s true. I think it’s largely due to the germophobia I’ve developed over the past couple years.. anytime I get a cut or scrape, I have to put a Band-Aid on it immediately — with Neosporin, of course. So partly, I don’t want germs to get in there, but another factor is my clumsiness and forgetfulness; a Band-Aid helps me from absentmindedly scratching a paper cut (those things itch nearly as bad as mosquito bites) or getting hand-soap suds into an open wound. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find Band-Aid variety packs at Costco a couple months back. Each pack had large Band-Aids, waterproof Band-Aids, medicated Band-Aids… I was in Band-Aid-addict heaven!!

BTW, the pic was taken earlier today; I got a papercut while rifling through some papers on my desk, so I immediately hit up the First Aid kit in the kitchen for one of their dingy band-aids and some antibiotic ointment.

On a completely different topic — I was going through some recent pictures on my phone and came across one I took in the waiting area of Cafe Veloce last month. CV is a great little pizza/pasta place in Kirkland, but they have this car-racer lady mannequin thing by the waiter-station that freaks me out every time I go. I keep forgetting she’s not real, so every time I see her in my peripheral vision, I snap my head around to see who’s staring at me. Every time!!

One Response to “Band-Aid addiction and a scary mannequin”

  1. Band-Aids are awesome! I wear them every chance I get. If I go too long without a cut or scratch, I'll put one on anyway.

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