That’s just how I bowl

Went to the Garage on Capitol Hill last week for a work event. It was the first time I’d been there, and my first time bowling in…jeez, probably at least eight years. Interestingly, I got my best score in the first of the four games we played: 127. I think I got two strikes. It was a ton of fun; I hope I go bowling again in less than eight years! Just seems like it’s hard these days to get enough people together to make it worthwhile. I actually had my 16th birthday party at the somewhat seedy Kenmore Lanes by my parents’; my main memory of that day is from when it was my turn to bowl, and in the process, I accidentally stepped over the line into the lane. I fell right on my ass! That sh*t is slick! And my parents got it all on video — niiiice.

Anyway, here’s a shot of me mugging for the camera (as always), snapped by someone else on my team. Can you tell which ball was a wee bit (four pounds) heavier? ;o)

I’d gotten a ride to Cap. Hill from a friend at work, but then I decided to be adventurous and hop the bus home. I’d written down the timing/bus number, and the intersection I need to go to, but I walked three blocks in either direction on Madision, but couldn’t for the life of me find Boren. I usually am paranoid and make myself a little map so I can easily find my destination, but I was overconfident in this occasion, largely because on all my previous bus adventures, the stop is within a couple blocks — or sight distance — of where I’m leaving from. Luckily my sister was by her phone and a computer, so she pulled up a map and informed me that I was close — just needed to go an additional block or two in one of the directions I’d already gone. This was an unusual bus situation in that the walk was longer than usual (I’d also obviously forgotten to write down the walking distance Metro’s Trip Planner had given me). The bonus part was that the bus I caught only went another few blocks/stops into downtown, and then hopped the freeway, making it only about a 10-minute trip back to the Northgate Transit Center (which is walking distance from where I live). Most buses I take from downtown or Cap. Hill wind back to Northgate on city streets, and usually take about half an hour, so that was quite a speedy trip.


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  1. This is such a classic Pooja pose! ;)

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