Non-bulked ‘Hulk’ and the dreaded ‘overreactor’

Saw “The Incredible Hulk” last night. Overall, it was okay; a good popcorn/matinee flick. I enjoyed the scenes with Norton as Bruce Banner, but I couldn’t get into the over-the-top action scenes when he was Hulk. It was also a little hard to remember that Norton was the Hulk, because he’s super scrawny (especially from the waist down) and the Hulk bears no resemblance to the actor. I’ve never seen the TV series, or 2003’s “Hulk,” so I can’t make any comparisons there.

We had the misfortune of sitting in the row in front of the type of moviegoer I’ve decided is an “overreactor” — after a fight scene ended, she would loudly sigh “Whoa!” and during a funny part, she’d laugh (again, loudly) and then still be laughing two seconds after the crowd’s laughter died. She would make exclamations; i.e., when Stan Lee appeared for his standard cameo, she guffawed and said “Stan Lee!” When there was a cameo at the end of the film by the star of a current box-office draw, she was laughing and exclaiming so loudly that we completely missed all of the guy’s lines. The worst outbursts, though, were before the movie when they showed the trailer for “Hellboy II: The Golden Army.” Only five seconds into the trailer, she yelled “YEAH! HELLBOY!” and then was “woohoo”-ing every 20 seconds throughout the trailer.

After the movie, in the restroom — the door of my stall randomly opened before I was ready for it to be open. I sat there dumbly (I won’t go into further detail about what I was doing at the time) for about a second, and then stood and lunged for the door. Luckily I was in the end stall, furthest away from the line of ladies in waiting, so no one came wandering over to enter the suddenly available stall.

Finally, I must comment yet again on our crazy weather. It felt like October last night! I had to wait for the bus outside Pacific Place downtown for about 10 minutes. It was super windy and really cold (I’m guessing 40s). Everyone at the stop had their hood on, even though it was (thankfully) not raining. I wore a scarf this morning — on freakin’ June 10! Thankfully it’s going to warm up the next couple days. The Times said last week was the coldest first week of June in Seattle since they started recording the weather in the early (?) 1800s.


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