Spoilt ‘Idol’

Due to the nature of my work (entertainment) and the fact that my office is on the West coast, I often get e-mails to my work address that spoil TV events before they happen here, i.e., a recap of the “House” episode that will start at 9 p.m. PT hits my Inbox around 7 PT. This is the case every week with “American Idol”.. I often don’t mind if I happen to see one of those mails, just because I’m not that concerned or I’ve pretty much predicted who’ll get the axe. However, tonight, finale night, I was determined to watch it without knowing who’d win it all. So I whipped out my laptop around 8 p.m. PT and let my work Inbox refresh. I parnoidly (is that a word?) covered the subject-line area of all the mails so I could avoid reading a revealing headline (I’m sure you’re wondering why I even opened my e-mail at all, but I wanted to make sure there were no non-“Idol” issues I needed to address). I successfully got through the non-“Idol” mails, but then.. in the lower-right-hand area of my taskbar, a new message popped up. In the Outlook I have, the little pop-up says whom the mail is from, has the subject line, and the first line or so of text. When I saw the little pop up, I glanced at it out of habit, and D’OH! There it was… “_______’s ‘Idol’ win means ….”

So now I know. And the results won’t be revealed for like another hour and a half here on the West coast!! I don’t know yet whether I’m happy with the results.. I thought David A. did a much better job last night, and I think he has an incredible voice, but….it always seems like he’s singing at some sort of religious event. David C. is much more “real” to me, and has sort of paid his dues a bit, but his voice can be a bit too grating at times.

Anyway, watching the show will be a little anticlimactic now (I’m actually TiVo’ing it while I catch up on some other stuff; “Idol” is like a fashion magazine in that 70% of it is nonsense, so I like to be able to fast-forward through the crap), but I’ll of course at least watch the last few minutes to see how the reveal goes over with the judges and winners. Augh!

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