Gettin’ my eatin’ and dancin’ on

Well, it’s been a busy but good weekend. Friday, in the early evening, I met up with some folks from work and their spouses for happy hour at Kate’s pub in Wallingford. I’d never been there before, or even heard of it, but I really liked it. Mainly because all their food is half off — not just the appetizers. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any specials on mixed drinks, but I really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. Very laid back with friendly servers, and parking was a breeze.

That night, it was off to Capitol Hill to try another new place, Chez Gaudy, in honor of Lara’s 30th birthday. It’s very hidden — the entrance is an alley and not really marked either by the street or in the alley. Inside, the decor is very eclectic and ragtag — draperies, funky mirrors, old suitcases. The menu is described as “rustic Italian.” I had a funky appetizer — toast with wasabi and cheese on top, with a wasabi/miso/garlic dipping sauce. Plus some greens with a balsamic reduction and a second dipping sauce of this strawberry-jam stuff. The toast was a little chewy, but I really liked the flavor. For dessert, we shared chocolate cake, fruit trifle and a rhubarb pie tart. The rhubarb pie was gone by the time it came around the table to me, but I really loved the trifle. It had the perfect balance of fruit and cream. Oh, and our server guy was really hilarious. He came by every 15 minutes or so, and if a seat was empty because someone had left or was in the restroom, he’d plop down to chat with us or sing along to the music. So, all things considered, I’d give it a thumbs up.

Saturday was all about a good friend of mine who’s getting married in July. Her shower was in the a.m., then we all met up again in the evening for drinks, food and dancing at Ibiza. I’d been hesitant about the festivities since I’m sort of past the age of enjoying clubbing — and I never went through that phase in my early/mid 20s — but I actually had a really good time. Once 10:30 rolled around, the place got loud and cramped. It was super, super hot — I was sweating in my tank top and jeans — and the other folks there were all much younger. I only had one drink towards the beginning of the night, but as the night went on, well, I couldn’t help getting bitten by the dancing bug. I have a good sense of rhythm, but I’m short on moves, so I’m sure I made a bit of a fool of myself, but it was still fun. Though.. I was definitely tempted to take a shower when I got home around 1:30. Yew!

That’s me on the left. FIERCE!

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  1. This is a great picture! ;)

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