Shoe envy

This afternoon, a random, comedic vignette from my past popped into my head. It’s typical of the strange things that either happen to me, or are caused by me. “This is my life as a Cover Girl,” as I like to say.

Anyway, this happened probably three years ago. Anuja (my sister) and I were at Nordstrom Rack in Lynnwood trying on shoes. As any of you who’ve been there (or to any Nordy’s Rack, I’m sure) know, the shoe area can be quite messy — right shoes tossed about right and left. I was randomly trying all kinds of shoes on, and at one point, I stuck my foot into a shoe that’d been on the ground; it was this cool suede clog with some sort of design on top. I took a couple test steps down the aisle, and then a lady at the end of the aisle turned around, looked at my “new” shoe and said “Oh.. that’s actually my shoe.”

Ooops! I was embarrassed at first, but then I found it to be quite hilarious. Not sure if the shoe’s owner found it quite as amusing as I did, but I think she did at least crack a smile after I said “Ha, sorry!” and took her shoe off. At least I’d been wearing socks!

That’ll all from the Poojaland vault for this time..

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