‘Top Chef’ quotables

After tonight’s screening of “What Happens in Vegas” (which I’ll try to write about later), I came home and fell down on the couch to catch up on some of my TiVo backlog. Was watching last night’s “Top Chef,” and they had some hilarious lines — I couldn’t resist dragging out my laptop to make note of them. They’re probably funnier if you watch the show and know who the contestants are, but they’re sill humorous on their own:

Andrew: “I just got a culinary boner” (at the thought of cooking through the night)

Richard: “This is the most passionate I’ve ever seen myself” (during the fast-paced Quickfire Challenge)

Richard, on being tasked with buying flowers: “I watch a little ‘Martha Stewart,’ I wear pink shoes.. that means that I should know something about flowers”

Andrew, as he began several hours’ work making creamed spinach: “I’m like Popeye’s wet f***ing dream right now, dude”

Judge Collichio on a wedding cake that was basically three rectangles of decreasing sizes stacked on top of each other: “It almost looks like a battleship of some sort”

Lisa, as she packed up the wedding cake she’d made in preparation for the drive to the venue: “I’m going to hold on to that cake for dear life because if it smashes, I’m going to…need therapy”

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2 Responses to “‘Top Chef’ quotables”

  1. Top Chef sounds awesome! I should get Derek to start watching that.How was ‘What Happens in Vegas’…?I heard you get to pre-screen Sex and the City, I’m so jealous! I look forward to hearing a full report.

  2. Unfortunately, “TC” is not yet on DVD (though you can download it through Amazon Unbox for $1.99/ep), but yeah — you should try to check it out some time. I love it.”Vegas” was actually surprisingly good! But if you don’t like rom-coms as a rule, you’ll probably find it too cheesy. I’ll have to blog about it soon..Yeah, I can’t wait for “SATC.” Friends of a friend saw it and raved about it. I’ll definitely report back!! :o)

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