Longest. Haircut. Ever. (And I don’t mean in length)

Last night I had what I think was my most time-consuming hair cut ever: nearly TWO HOURS. Yeesh. I went to my usual spot, the Gene Juarez Training Academy; it’s very close to where I live, and only $12.95 for a shampoo and cut. In general, I almost always have a great experience there, but last night..

So after I got garbed up in the cape thing, the girl and I discussed what I wanted done (again, the usual — basically just a trim, and very simple). Then she ran off to “draw it up” and I sat around for at least 5 minutes, wishing I’d brought a book. Funny enough, a couple minutes into my waiting period, my phone rang. It was my sister, with my parents on speakerphone. The point of the call was for me to hear my mom say “Cirque du Soleil,” which, predictably, she did by pronouncing the last “l” in Soleil, cracking my sister up to no end. Yes, my family is a little crazy!

After the girl finally came back, it was off for the shampoo. That was pretty quick. Then the marathon cut began.. it took ages because she kept re-checking everything to make sure every single hair’s end aligned to each other. I’m not sure if she was making up for some previous bad hair cuts, or wanted to really impress her instructor, but it seemed to pay off — her instructor came over to check my ‘do, and gave my stylist two high fives during her critique in honor of how aligned the ends were. However, once my hair had been blown dry, one side was definitely longer than the other, by probably half an inch or so. Due to my concern over that, the stylist brought her instructor back over to take a look, and the instructor agreed with me. Both of them kept saying how it was due to the way the “framing layers” had been done, and the fact that my side part makes for one side of my head having more hair. However…the “heavier” side was the shorter side, so I didn’t quite get how that worked out.

Anyway… in the end, the result was just fine, but definitely not a ‘do you’d think had taken two hours to cut. I think my usual hair cut time is maybe 30-40 minutes. Still, though, I highly recommend the Academy for Seattle folks looking for a well-priced hair cut that’s (usually) a step up from going to someplace like, say, Great Clips. They also do some other services like updos and coloring.

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