You know you IM too much at work when …

…you type out a brief response to an e-mail, hit Enter, and then wonder why your message just sits there in front of you.

Yes, this happens to me about once a week. In general, I send more e-mails than IMs (though both probably number at least 70 a day), but there are some days where I reply to/send queries and responses over IM instead of mail. Most of my team is on IM — both MSN Messenger and Outlook Communicator — and it’s often easier to get a quick reply via IM. So I definitely get into the habit of type-type-type-type-type….Enter. Wait for response. Repeat. In Outlook, there’s a default keystroke combo that will hit Send for you (I think Tab + Enter or something), but I had to eventually disable that as I used to send lots of incomplete mails by accidentally hitting those lucky keys. r />_uacct = “UA-4104546-1”;


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